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Alexander Becker

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of CSS

Counter Strike PC Game Genre: Online Tactic Shooter
at first only a modification erned popularity through LAN- parties and Internet belongs to valve first version was released in November 2000 Gameplay: two different scenarios: Bomb- Defuse atacker (Terrorist) try to plant the Bomb defender (Counter- Terrorist) have to defuse the Bomb save the hostages bad Terrorist kidnaped some Hostages

Counter- Terrorist have to save them to achive their the aim, all players have to work together as TEAM actual about 50.000, up to 200.000 active player day and night
three versions exist: E- Sports one of the most populer Games in E- Sports

Worldwide professional Gamers in many different professional leags most populer in Germany: it's possible to win a lot of Money (about 100.000 €) ESL -> Electronic Sports Leag vs Counter Terrorists Terrorists The Game Steam Client the game in general
some details about the look and gameplay
discussion about Counter Strike the "Killer Game"
conclusion first Screen serverbrowser and Steam Chat- Client Ingame- HUD 1. Counter Strike 1.6 2. Counter Strike Condition Zero 3. Counter Strike Source for each scenario exist different maps: example Bomb- Defuse:
all Bomb- Defuse Maps start with a de_ in name
example Hostage- Rescue
all Hostage- Rescue Mapsbegin wiht a de_dust2 cs_office Counter Strike, the "Killer Game" since gun rampage in Erfurt politicians discuss about prohibition for Ego- Shooters, called "Killer Games"
most of distcussions unobjektive
Politicians want to patronize all adults and try to make them criminals, because they play the game
Politicians seem not to have any knolege about the topic. When trying to say something to a reporter
most Arguments on both sides (pro or contra) for prohibition also speculative some argumens are seem to be legitimate, example:

consume of violence causes insensibility and it doesn't matter if it is in movies, games or elsewhere most time a "War" is played in teams of 5 on 5 people
to be succesful in this game you need fast reflexes and an excellent teamplay
It can be a very funny game :-)
helps you train your reflexes and teamworking
playing it professionally is very hard

it's easy to find some better games (morally better acceptible) Conclusion
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