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Old Yeller:Fred Gipson (By:Denise Alvarez)

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denise a

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Old Yeller:Fred Gipson (By:Denise Alvarez)

Old Yeller By: Fred Gipson Mutimedia presentation by Denise Alvarez
Mrs.Lassen 6th period The setting of this captivating
book is in Salt Licks Texas, during the
late 1860's Starring in this book:
Summary- Travis is left with his mom
and Arliss alone in the farm while their dad goes away on a cattle drive. A yeller dog comes and steals the food and gets Travis angry. After many many events, which Old Yeller took the role of the hero, Travis comes to like the big dog. In the end Travis has to choose wheter Old Yeller lives or die. Will Travis let go of his relationship with his best friend? Quotes:
"But mama you don't mean we'd keep
an ugly old dog like that. One that will come in and
steal meat right out of the house I said.
I petted him all over him till he was wiggling all over to show
how happy he was.
"It was a good thing for us son; but wasn't good for Old Yeller
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