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Ancient Civilisation-Greece

A chronological account of the significant events,periods and people

Tommy Nguyen

on 30 August 2010

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Transcript of Ancient Civilisation-Greece

Ancient Greece Chronological History Significant Periods Classical Period
Significant People Significant Events The first Olympic Games Hellenistic Period Solon Pythagoras Persian War Battle of Thermopylae Hippocrates Aristotle Archimedes Alexander the Great Macedonian War Firs First in 776 BCE The Greeks were competitive Stopped wars It wasn't always fair Only the best come Poliction Made laws Encouraged citizen ship Currency and trade Highest point in Ancient Greece Started with the Persian War Ended during the reign of Alexander the Great 500-336 BCE 640-558 BCE 580- ??? BCE A*A+B*B=C*C Pythagorean Brotherhood Introduced theory of planets moving in its own motion Persia had one of the strongest empires They attacked Greece There were three attacks Greece defended themselves successfully 497-479 BCE Persians invaded Greece In the mountain called Thermopylae Defended well The Greeks had only 10,000 soldiers After 2 days they had a final battle at Salamis 480BCE 460-370 BCE Famous Docter Made an oath new methods 387-212 BCE Inventor, mathermatician and astronomer Discovered 1 law of psyhics Greek philoospher Alexander's personal tutor 384- 322 BCE Student of Plato Wrote many books Quota One was 'To perceive is to suffer' 336-146 BCE Influence declined Romans took over 356- 323 BCE Military Genius Won every battle Conquered Greece, Eygpt and Asia Spreaded culture 214-204 BCE War against Romans 3 wars 1st 214-204BC 2nd 200-196 3rd 172-168/7 The Romans won Split into 4 Thankyou for watching! There were 1200 navy ships The Greeks had 400 ships
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