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Management of Organisational Behaviour

No description

Tan Ruen

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Management of Organisational Behaviour

Identify the leader Leadership Yes, the team members communicated effectively
Encoding the message
Decoding of message
Example in the UNO stacko game Communication Process Communications Clear objectives
Balanced roles
Good communications
Clear decisions
Exhibits flexibility Functional conflicts
Blocks to remove during UNO Stacko Game
Ways and directions to blow the ping pong balls
Ways to resolve the conflicts
Accommodating Stages of group development Groups and Teams Need for achievement Motivation Henson Character’s characteristics
Easy-going and optimistic
Target being perceived
An important area in order to do well for CA
Thinking skills and team work are required Perception Personality traits Positive attitude
Ping Pong Ball game
One accident which made everyone lose focus
Affective Attitude Foundations of Individual Behaviour Groups and Teams
Stages of group development
Conflicts & resolutions
Effectiveness & characteristics of the team
Communication process
Barries to communication and ways to overcome them Foundations of Individual Behaviour
The Leader
Leadership style
Sources of power
Motivation Outline of presentation Two types of barrier
Information overload & Emotions
Ways used to overcome them
Constrain emotions & Listening actively
During the ping pong game and UNO Stacko Barriers to communications &
ways to overcome them Q&A Management of Organisational behaviour CA2 Leadership style Sources of power Managerial Grid
Middle-of-the-road management
Care for production
Care for people Coercive power Expert power Exhibits extraversion behavior High degree of knowledge Driving us to succeed Flash the scoring table Encouraged and praise us Effectiveness & characteristics of the team Conflicts & resolutions Forming
Defining purpose, structure and leadership
Purpose- score as much marks as possible Storming
Clear hierarchy of leadership and agreement on the group’s direction
Assigning roles to individuals Norming
Close relationships develop and group becomes cohesive
Other members will be able to follow and handle Performing
Working at a very high level
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