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LIBS 6991 Internship Portfolio

No description

Tammy Hancock

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of LIBS 6991 Internship Portfolio

LIBS 6991
Internship Portfolio Tammy Hancock @ Smyrna Elementary School Learning to Be a Media Specialist Log of Hours Smyrna Elementary School
Carteret County Public Library In Service Project Staff Development: STAR Reading My Personal Philosophy Setting Description Smyrna Elementary School serves about 315 students in grades K-8. It is located in Smyrna, NC, central in a group of small communities which it serves.
The media center is located at the front of the school, across from the main office. It is accessible from three separate halls, making it easy for classes to get to from all over the school.
The library contains approximately 7500 books and other materials for student check-out, as well as an updated reference section and a professional section for staff materials.
The library is run by Dawn Simpson, a certified media coordinator. Ms. Simpson is at SES two and a half days each week, and serves Atlantic Elementary School as well. She does not have a full time library assistant, though I was able to be in the library to serve students and staff when she was at Atlantic. Planning and Implementing for Teaching and Learning Access, Evaluation, and Use Indicators 2.1, 2.4, 2.6 Indicators 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 Program Administration Indicators 3.3, 3.4, 3.8 Smyrna Elementary School
Mission Statement The mission of Smyrna Elementary School is to prepare students to succeed in a changing world. The mission of the Smyrna Elementary School Media Center is to provide the resources to support curriculum, encourage staff development and to promote a life-long love of reading. SES 4th Place Team
March 2012 Battle of the Books The Media Coordinator must strive to be a leader in the library, through actions, choices, and teaching.

I will be a leader for the students, for the faculty, and for the community, by acting with honesty and integrity, displaying energy and passion in everything, and always making an effort to learn new things that will benefit the library and its patrons.

Students and teachers will benefit from the services of a well-run media center and the Media Coordinator will be the leader that guides them to the knowledge and resources they seek. Implementing Web-Based STAR Reading Enterprise
This in-service project is intended to inform teachers of the new aspects of the STAR Reading Enterprise program. Our school is moving from a computer-based version of STAR to a web-based version. This new version will offer teachers more tools and assessment capabilities, as well as being accessible through their classroom computers, rather than only in the lab. In order to make the best use of this program, we decided that a presentation for staff development would be the most effective way to inform teachers.
The goals of this activity are to introduce the teachers to the format of the new STAR, explain the use of available reports and assessments, and allow them to ask questions pertaining to the program. Through a Prezi presentation, an online webinar, and their own interaction with the site, teachers will be able to see what the program has to offer and discuss any questions or uncertainties they may have. The introduction and description portion will take about 10 minutes; the webinar is about 20 minutes; the exploration and question portion will be open for as long as needed, but is expected to last about 30 minutes.
This presentation addresses the core AASL program standards for Literacy and Reading, Information and Knowledge, and Program Management and Administration. The STAR Reading Enterprise program is designed to assess students’ reading and comprehension growth. It is initially used to determine the best reading level for each student, so that they can select reading material that will be appropriate for their ability. The presentation offers information on using STAR to get the best results, as well as how to use the program for intervention. Each teacher will access the STAR program as an administrator for his or her own class. He or she will be responsible for setting up test parameters, testing the students, running reports, and keeping track of progress for their class.
In the future, it will be best to offer this presentation at the beginning of the school year. New teachers will need to be informed about the STAR program, so this presentation will remain a part of our toolbox. The webinar and Prezi sections can be viewed on an individual basis, so the amount of time needed to be trained will be minimal, about half an hour. Any questions may be addressed with the media specialist.
Technology used for this presentation includes a laptop connected to a projector, for viewing the Prezi and the webinar. Each teacher also brought her own laptop to access the Renaissance Learning website, where STAR Reading Enterprise is located. Because this is a web-based program, it will require a computer with internet access for use.
The teachers were very receptive to this information, and seemed excited to have new tools for helping students become stronger readers. The feedback after the presentation indicated that the teachers felt confident in what they had learned, that they understood the information, and would be implementing this program in their classrooms immediately. Based on this information, I feel that this in-service presentation was a success.

Prezi http://prezi.com/7dcdhk8_4lok/star-reading/?kw=view-7dcdhk8_4lok&rc=ref-29751947 During my internship, I learned a lot about the day to day running of the media center. I learned how the circulation system works, how to assist students and staff in finding materials, and where various materials are located. I helped prepare lesson plans for classes, conducted several classes, and worked on fund raising through Labels for Education and Box Tops for Education. I helped prepare for the visit of author John Bemis by distributing flyers and taking orders for signed books. I also worked with our Battle of the Books team, practicing during lunch and encouraging the team. I drove the bus to competition and participated as a time keeper. I am currently helping prepare for our Spring Book Fair, creating bulletin boards and other displays to get students excited. I have learned a great deal from this internship and I look forward to using this experience in my own library. 1.2 Plans and works collaboratively with teachers to use appropriate resources that address curricular needs and learning goals. 1.4 Instructs candidates and staff in the effective use of the media center and its resources 1.6 Advocates and promotes reading and life-long learning through motivational activities. Celebrating
Dr. Seuss' Birthday!
Readers from our staff
and the community bring Dr. Seuss to life for our students. Working with teachers and students to promote curriculum and a love of reading has given me a new appreciation for the job of the media coordinator. 2.1 Creates and maintains an environment conducive to learning. 2.4 Encourages the widest possible use of print and electronic resources and services--within the school library media center, throughout the school, and through remote access. 2.6 Adheres to and communicates copyright as well as other laws and guidelines pertaining to the distribution and ethical use of all resources. The SES Media Center is divided into four main sections: Primary/Picture Books; Fiction/Chapter Books; Reference/Informational Books; and Computer/Work Stations Kindergarten Book Buddies 3.3 Evaluate and select resources that build a collection addressing curricular needs and learning goals in collaboration with teachers, technology staff, and candidates. 3.4 Maintains a collection addressing curricular needs and learning goals. 3.6 Plays a leading role in the school's budgetary process to ensure funding for the school library media program to support school-wide goals. Order from Perma Bound Books Mr. John Bemis spoke to our elementary and middle school students, encouraging them to find a love for reading and follow their own passions. The intent of these missions is to provide every student with the learning and tools that they will need when they leave Smyrna Elementary School. By insuring that students are prepared to be productive citizens, we are creating a better community and a better world for all. Professional Resources Learning Activities Video Library Award winning books Curriculum Tie-Ins The Media Coordinator is responsible for renewing the Movie Site License each year. This allows teachers to show videos in their classrooms without breaking copyright laws Each year starts out with lessons for the primary classes about the importance of not copying other people's work. This is a great book and a great lesson plan for grades K-2. Perma Bound Books is one of our library's favorite vendors. We order books from them at least three times each year. Teaching classes, incorporating the curriculum into library lessons. Student computer stations Learning to use the reference materials http://ses-ccs-nc.schoolloop.com/cms/page_view?d=x&piid=&vpid=1331376896362 The SES Media Website includes links to Accelerated Reader, AR Bookfind, and other helpful reading resources. As soon as the new Battle of the Books list is released, any books not in our collection are ordered. Professional Resources Includes information on the new Core Curriculum State Standards Video Library Includes titles that correlate with curriculum at every grade level Twice each year the library conducts a Box Tops drive and classroom competition. Top winners receive vouchers to spend at our book fair. Box Tops for Education provides extra funds to buy materials for our library. By collecting Labels for Education, we are able to get materials for our media center, from pencils and art supplies to electric pencil sharpeners. Reflection
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