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Staff meeting

October 8, 2009 staff meeting

Tom Zobel

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Staff meeting

United Streaming - Social Studies Department
Copier/scanner - Tom
Curriculum Mapping - Kathleen
Synchronize - Tom
Tracking Sheets/Intervention Sheets - Tom
Learning Style Inventory - Tom
PSAT/ASVAB on October 14 - Tom
October 12 - Tom
Blood Bourne Pathogen Video - Tom
Other Items - Tom
If you have not used the scanner feature on your department copier, please do so in the next week. If you have problems, please let Connie know.
Curriculum Mapping
sample quiz
and results

Learning Style Inventory - view
PSAT/ASVAB Testing 10-14-09
All Sophomores and some Juniors are
taking the PSAT in the 200 hallway -
200 hallway teachers will proctor except
for department chairs - view assignments
ASVAB will be given in the
cafeteria with only a few teachers needed to proctor - some juniors and seniors - ISTEP retesters

Freshmen will begin the day in the auxillary gym with
a rep from Jostens talking about class rings and making
the most out of high school
Seniors and rest of Juniors will start day in
auditorium with Jostens rep talking about
graduation announcements and making
the college search count
Freshmen and non-testing Juniors and Seniors
will come together in the auditorium to hear
about laws regarding cyber-bullying and they
will also hear from Ken Johnson - former chaplin
for the Indianapolis Colts
At 11:00 all presentations and testing will
be finished and we will return to our
regular schedule
Staff Development Day
Staff Meeting
October 8, 2009
Tracking Sheets/Intervention Sheets

Updated on p:drive

If students have more than 1 failing
grade then you need to start an
intervention sheet
Learning Style Inventory

Will be located on p:drive

Can sort by class

Directions will be coming soon to sort by teacher
Blood Bourne Pathogen Video

Directions will go out via email

Other Items



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