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Dragon Ball Franchise

No description

Harry Daly

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Dragon Ball Franchise

The Dragon Ball Franchise
Dragon Ball Z.
Dragon Ball Z is one of if not the best Manga/Anime ever, including the other two series which are Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT. in DBZ Goku and all his friends are grown up, Goku also has a son called Gohan who is named after Goku's adoptive grandpa, Goku's wife Chichi is now an ordinary housewife and strongly suggests that Gohan never goes near Goku's old friends, however one day a nefarious saiyan named Raditz came to earth to find his brother (at this point i should tell you all the saiyans are all named after vegetables). on that very day Goku won Chichi over and let Gohan meet his old friends. Raditz fly's over to Master (or Muten) Roshi's house, he tells Goku that he is his brother and kidnaps gohan, goku joins forces with the newly reformed piccolo and they kill the saiyan and rescue gohan who went crazy during the fight and surpassed even the great saiyans power level. Goku dies and everyone trains to fight the other saiyans who were going to arrive in one year. one year later the saiyans arrive, Goku gets brought back to life by the dragon balls and is super strong because of his training with the legendary grand master king kai Goku's remaining friends were about to perish when he got there, he killed the first one had an epic battle with the second one who he decided would keep his life because the prince was the best fighter Goku had ever fought, little did they know that they would end up rivals and also the two strongest beings in the universe, both fighting for the lightness of good and eliminating all evil, killing the evil Frieza, their sons destroying the merciless Cell, and even fusing to destroy every cell in the destructive Majin Buu's body.
In The Beginning... Dragon Ball.
When our protagonist (Goku) was a little boy he went on many adventures to find the Dragon Balls. the way this started is when Goku went out fishing he caught a huge fish. On the way home he got hit by a car, which he had never seen before in his life, this is because his only relative and friend Grandpa Gohan died a few years prior. When he gets up and see's the car the girl inside it gets shocked. Then Goku lifted up the car with his super-strengh, the girl gets so shocked when Goku drops the car she pulls a gun on him and he gets shot right in the forehead. After this Goku gets up and starts whining about how much his head hurts, the girl got very scared after this. She gets out starts telling him about how she is a girl and he invites her to his house for dinner. Once the girl (Bulma) has finished eating Goku shows her the inside of his house, Bulma then sees one of the dragon balls and screams she is so happy. After that Bulma explains about the Dragon Balls. Goku likes the idea a lot so he asks if he can come and Bulma uses this as an opportunity for a bodyguard so she accepts.
Dragon Ball GT
After the battle with cell everyone is enjoying life was peaceful until Emperor Pilaf (the villain from dragon ball) turns goku into a kid, after this everyone goes on a journey for the black star Dragon Balls because Shenron is not powerful enough to return goku to his former self, also because the negative energy from the dragon balls will make earth blow up in one year. So they had to go to space. Goku's granddaughter then sneaks on the ship kicking her uncle off, this makes things very difficult for the saiyan and his sons friend.
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