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National Youth Council of Ireland Annual Conference 2012 Screenagers: Using ICT, Digital and Social Media in Youth Work

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Think Visual

on 30 March 2013

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Transcript of National Youth Council of Ireland Annual Conference 2012 Screenagers: Using ICT, Digital and Social Media in Youth Work

Internet safety > Olive Ring, National Youth Council of Ireland
> Simon Grehan, PSTB Safer Internet Ireland Awareness Coordinator
> Ian Power, SpunOut.ie
Explore how young people engage online. Look at what the research is telling us, what the potential risks to safety are and how these can be addressed. How to Produce a Podcast Building Strong Community
through Social Media > Mike Hughes, Microsoft
Discover the fundamental principles of using social media tools effectively to strengthen collaboration within your organisation and to grow active relationships with your clients. Understand the best social media practices of other organisations in your sectors. Online Engagement of Young People > Jason Coomey, SpunOut
> Emma Creighton, YAM.ie
A showcase and discussion of three approaches to engaging, connecting and inspiring young people online, with BelongTo, SpunOut and YAM.ie (Your Arts Map). Stop-Motion Animation > David Cotter, Digital Hub Development Agency
A hands-on workshop in the art of stop-motion animation. Learn how to create your own animation from start to finish. Infographics > Naomi Fein, www.creativenaomi.com
What are infographics? How can you make them? Why should you make them?
A hands-on introduction to simple online presentation resources including Prezi and infographics tools that you can use in your youth work. http://www.nyciconference.ie/content/resources Get the contacts, downloads, audio, presentations from the day and more New concepts at speed-showcasing: well-worked, very diverse group and info; fantastic resources; please do it again! #screenagers Infographics aren't as intimidating or difficult as people imagine: there’s lots of free tools online @creativenaomi #screenagers Stop Motion Animation – a creative tool for youth engagement: the ‘how-to’ guide #screenagers Engaging with young people online involves trying new things to see what works best #screenagers Youth workers can take responsibility to educate young people about staying safe online #screenagers > Peter Baxter, Createschool.ie
Podcasts are a simple and effective way of empowering young people to share their stories, opinions, heritage and culture. Using tablets and smartphones, learn how to write, record, edit and produce a podcast in this fun and informative workshop. Podcast with young people & highlight how NB young people’s voices are & let the world listen to what they have to say #screenagers To make social media work: set goals, don’t be afraid; understand your audience; measure everything; be adaptive; share learning #screenagers Graphic Harvesting & Prezi design:
Naomi Fein http://www.creativenaomi.com Design concept & print:
http://www.FUSE.ie © Copyright NYCI 2012 Tweets from the day... Design Ian Power
SpunOut Dara Kennedy
Web Safety in Youth Work site daraghjkennedy@gmail.com ian@SpunOut.ie Sile O'Sullivan
Your Arts Map http://YAM.ie sile@nyci.ie Garry McHugh
Young Irish Film Makers garry@yifm.com Michael Barron
http://belongto.org michael@belongto.org Fenella Murphy
ReachOut fenella@inspireireland.ie Michael Hallissey
Digital hub/Future Creators mhallissy@h2.ie Nuala Smith
Headstrong –
Think Big projects Nuala.Smith@headstrong.ie Andrew Keogh
BRYR bryrkeogha@eircom.net Gavin Byrne & Steven Daly
Techspace gavin.byrne@foroige.ie Richard MacBlain
Dundalk IT richard.macblain@yahoo.co.uk Mind-blowing speed-showcasing, very fast, informative, practical information #screenagers
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