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Prezi to accompany "The Lorax and Sustainable Development" Discussion

Bill Knee

on 5 September 2012

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1. The Once-ler describes a "glorious place." Identify and briefly describe at least
four living components of the "glorious place." 2. Where did the Lorax live and who did he speak for? 3. The Once-ler used what to make Thneeds? 4. How long for a Truffula Tree seed to germinate? And how long to become a sapling (young tree)? 6. Eventually all the trees were cut down, houses were built, and this led to increased what? 7. Where was the waste and garbage dumped from the town and factory? 8. Bar-ba-loots were driven out because of a lack of what? 9. Describe the sky (or air quality) after the Once-ler created his factory. 10. What drove away the Swomee-Swans? 11. Why did the Humming Fish leave? 12. After they cut down the last Truffula Tree, what happened? 13. What did the Lorax leave behind and what did it mean? 14. What could the last Truffula seed be used for? 5. Identify and briefly describe three pieces of technology developed by the Once-ler to upgrade hisThneeds industry.
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