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Copy of William Shakespeare

Elizabethan Era+

Jillian Phippen

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare: Early Personal Life...
What we think we know: Born April 23, 1564
during the Elizabethan Era Son to a glove maker; one of 8 children. Attended grammar school: Imagine him in OUR English class... Married at 18 to a 26 year old Anne Hathaway Not this one! Father of 3 children:
Susanna and twins-
Hamnet (Hamlet?) &
Judith (Juliet?) ??? 1585-1591 Anne was pregnant at the time of their marriage. ? ? ? ? Shakespeare: The Legacy Shakespeare
Today Sir Francis Bacon
Christopher Marlowe
Edward De Vere (Earl of Oxford) A teacher? A poacher? Or an actor? 1592-1609: Mr. Popular! Owns an acting company! $ Acknowledged by King James! $$
(Not LaBron!) Builds the Globe Theater $$$ "It Don't Come Easy"... Shakespeare lost his eleven year old son, mother, and father during this period Shakespeare's Death: April 23, 1616 "Good friend for Jesus' sake forbeare,
To dig the dust enclosed heare.
Blese be the man that spares these stones,
And curst be he that moves my bones." 38 Plays
108 Sonnets Controversy Why!? Historically Accurate: We learn about the past when we read literature written during that time!
Universal Themes: Ours remain the same today!
Relatable Characters: There are Pucks, Hermias, and Bottoms in this very classroom!
Figurative Language: Shakespeare was a writing GENIUS! No other writer has lived up to his legacy. Not even J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Myers!

YOU in the Elizabethan Era It was customary for boys to wear dresses until the age of 7
Girls were not educated
Boys would attend grammar school
You eat turnips, not potatoes
Chocolate is rare!
Entertainment: Taking lessons, singing, emboridery, cards, reading, writing, tennis, bowling, and theater Now Presenting...
A Midsummer Night's Dream
(Don't be scurred...) "Eyeball" MSND
"Bedroom" MSND
"Good Riddance"
"Forever and a day"
"Knock, Knock! Who's there?"
"Dead as a doornail"
"Too much of a good thing" Have you ever said... ? ? The BARD `
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