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I thought you would show me how to do it

Studying and supporting PIM Strategy changes. Analysis by Florian Evequoz & Denis Lalanne

Nick Veenhof

on 28 September 2011

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Transcript of I thought you would show me how to do it

Summary Introduction Related Work Goals of Study Context Results Theoretical Model Conclusions Wotaneye Unexplored? Strategy changes How do they change & Why
Proposal of a Model
User problems & Needs
WotanEye Software Story of Collection Madness Easiness of storage Evolution Based on context
Based on technical possiblities
Follow a lifecycle for evolutions No filers
Frequent filers
Spring Cleaners Whittaker Balter Spring cleaners?
Folderless cleaner
Folderless spring cleaner Defined 5 filing strategies
But.. people fail to comply
People prefers to browse than search
E-mail & Files as integrated archive Barreau Don't change.. Even after 10 year

Added value for this paper Some People Difference Barreau Using strategy to characterize the way people manage PI
Within the task & context
More subject to change than generic behaviour Tasks
Files Areas Opportunities Unexpected outcomes
Do people analyze?
Do people reflect?
Will to improve 7 female
5 male
Age between 26 & 49
Various Professions
All of them longer than 5 years of computer experience Group Backpocket of Barreau What do you do on a typical day?
How do you organize?
What do you miss? (tools)
Main problems?
Motivation to change? Responses Lack of time, laziness
In theory, not in practice
Reflections made them change
Suddenly important emails were found
no consious strategy, natural
Forgotten 'todo' folder Old Emails in folders..
New ones folderless GMail syndrome Aha, a change Scope
Action Specific

Longitudinal Scope Specific to the tool Ex. Label/Folders Ex. Centralizing task managment User wanted to change after troubles Rules of the profession Cause External


Complete Action less/more categorization backups/duplication People don't like to manage
They do adapt to changes depending on context & activities.
It's a means to an end
Theory is different than practice
Reflection caused some to changed behaviour So? Do we like it? Improved? Is there a best way?
Contextual browsing using facets
Bridging gap between mental map & PI access PI using facets PI usage history education & support Windows Search Database I thought you would show me how to do it Nick Veenhof - 2011 - GVIP
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