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e-commerce (L3 info)

No description

sonia aigba

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of e-commerce (L3 info)

1- E-Mail

2- Video Conferencing

3- Electronic Shopping (E-Shopping)

4- Electronic Banking
The worth knowing about e-commerce

The place of e-commerce in our daily life

Impacts of e-commerce
Why e-commerce brings both opportunity and threat ?
"No need to stand on a queue for long time"
"Just a simple click on mouse "
What is E-commerce?
"More transportations, more carbon dioxides"
"Buy every things from home"
"Business competitivity.
Reduce worker's number in firms"
"Commercial center becomes warehouses"
Feel free to ask questions
Business to Consumers
is the type of business
conduct by companies
such as Amazon.com
B2B is business to business commerce conducted over the Internet.
What place for E-commerce in our Daily lives ?
The main services provided by e-commerce are as follows:
"Energy consumption, electronic waste,.."
" New business and services"
"Shopping & tiredness, no time savings"
"No more vehicles trip"
It is possible to live without e-commerce ?
People depend on it
"Digital age, more electronic systems"
No time to talk witch each other
No time to stand in long queues
Products are less expensive
Influx of Hackers
misappropriation of the concept of purchase
Mediametrie :
More than 50% of French use regularly E - Commerce
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