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How to build a house

Nowadays, the price of a house is growing rapidly. A lot of people have to work to earn enough money because they want to buy a house. Well, house is the most needed thing for a person in his whole life. That means, if he want to have a normal life, he


on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of How to build a house

It is too expensive to buy a house. Background If we build house by ourselves,
we can save lot of money!!! Nowadays,
the price of a house is growing rapidly. Why people want to build their own house? The reasons might be like that... It is usually can help you to save thousands of pound! That's amazing! To design your house If you have made a decision to build a house. At first, you should ~
own a plot of land
Then~ Thinking and drawing a picture
about what's your house looks like. How to build a house YE XU 04/09/2012 Experts local architects and engineers a floor plan map a plumbing & electrical map 683518 3B Where to get it? What kinds of official permits you should get? The local government Such as construction
electrical and plumbing Materials Very Important suggestions The Climate Wet or Dry ? The environment Quiet or Noisy ? Before you are going to choose materials Here are some which you should think about it carefully! The structure can support the power The effect about chemical reactions steady? healthy? Second Then Another important step is... Carpenters
Concrete finishers
Plumber What kinds of workers you will find...? ''You can be assured of it,
I will finish all the work!!!'' EXPENSES In the end The site work (These are the people who will clear and grade the land.)
Workers such as electricians, plumber...
furniture Welcome to your new house! Any Questions? Thank You! SUMMARY The five main steps:
1. Map
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