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Marilyn Monroe: A Tragic Hero

No description

Mary Reilly

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Marilyn Monroe: A Tragic Hero

Marilyn Monroe: A Tragic Hero
Why Marilyn Monroe is a Tragic Hero
She had a hard and lonely childhood but she rose above it with a famous career
She was a successful actress but she still had many insecurities and doubts
She has inspired many actresses even through her tragic ending
She was loved by many but still felt depressed and lonely

Early Life
Born Norma Jean Mortensen (changed to Baker soon after she was born)
Her father left her mother after their short relationhip.
As a child Norma Baker was often put into foster homes and orphanages.
Her mother frequently was put into mental institutions.
In school she was good at English
In high school she tried out for dramatics but was turned down.
She dropped out at sixteen to marry James Dougherty.
Later Life
Dougherty joined merchant marine so she supported herself by doing part time modeling and working at a defense plant during WWII.
Ended up getting a divorce and then changing her appearance and name.
Marilyn Monroe was taught acting by Natasha Lytess and then later by Lee and Paula Strasburg.
She survived a scandal that instead of ruining her career proved to make it stronger.
She was married a second time to Joe DiMaggio a retired professional baseball player.
Her second marriage lasted even shorter than her first ended in divorce.
Her last marriage to Arthur Miller led to her conversion to Judaism.
Marilyn Monroe ended up divorcing Miller.
She never had any children.
1st big film was
Asphalt Jungle
by John Huston.
One of her highest achievements was having her own dressing room in Hollywood.
She was a very popular actress.
Marilyn Monroe earned more money for Twentieth-Century than any other Hollywood star.
She was voted one of the top 10 box office draws for a year.
Tragic Flaw
She showed signs of insomnia, addiction to sleeping drugs, reliance on psychiatric support
May have been caused by her low self-esteem and loneliness
Both of these may have been caused by pressure from studios and the press, exploitation by close associates
Some also believe her insatiable ambition led her to her sad end
Known to be depressed
She was ver unsure leading her to believe she would fall mentally ill like her parents
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