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American Civ II

A place to link all of our ideas!

Marisa Edmonda

on 7 November 2010

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Transcript of American Civ II

American Civ II 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago Unpacking Themes: Edmonds Eisenstein Kane Mesner Magnuson Power WOMEN Davids Kiely O'Connor Farm Wives to Field Hockey:
Land-Grant Colleges Race at the Fair Wish Books:
The Advent of Mail-Orders Nursing Secretaries The Murder of Helen Jewett:
Prostitution Celebrity Food Macmillan
http://prezi.com/mmplzrc3btzy/ Boggs Carey Finnigan Pauker Rowe Tynion Moby Dick Creating Niches: http://prezi.com/45rs0dm4r8im/ Imagine a book with everything
you ever wanted,
and more City/Spaces Hollar Klibanoff Mahmassani Barthelmes Cavazuti Choi DeLaurentis Dunn Holkeboer DeRosa Altier Thompson Pigott Patterson Notario Hendricks Meat O'Connor Kiely Davids Unpacking Themes: 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago Gender Cultural Pluralism Cultural Memory Performance Media/Marketing Boggs Carey Finnegan
World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, 1884-5
New Orleans and Beyond
http://prezi.com/49zhnctjtjkj/ PAUKER

The Ferris Wheel and the Birth of Pop Culture

http://prezi.com/lbxp2uqhpdxn/ Rowe Tynion Edmonds Eisenstein Kane Magnuson Mesner Power Typewriters Farm Wives or Field Hockey? The Murder of Helen Jewett:
Prostitution Nursing Racism at the Fair Wish Books The Advent of Mail-Order Shopping Celebrity http://prezi.com/45rs0dm4r8im/ Imagine a Book
with everything you ever wanted
and more ... "The mail-order business is very nearly indigenous to America.
Nowhere else in the world has the catalogue house assumed the unique status it enjoys in the United States, where Sears, Roebuck [became] a household name as well as the country's largest purveyor of general merchandise"
- Emmet & Jeuck, 9 "Sears and Ward seemed the ultimate expression of advanced civilization" - William Cronon "The main customers of the mail-order houses were famers. City dwellers had department stores where they could shop. But the farmers, who comprised the majority of the U.S. population in this period [1895-1907] had no shopping outlet other than the general store, where the selection was meager and prices were high. The mail-order companies could take advantage of economies of scale to bring the prices of goods down substantially" - Ascoli Typewriters http://prezi.com/rctnc1g3c77z/women-in-american-office-spaces/ http://www.prezi.com/3rhkx_ns5zst/ http://prezi.com/dkzczntomx9t/ Toys Hollar Art & Innovation: Thomas Eakins Art & Innovation:
Thomas Eakins http://prezi.com/ai1uqgnmdlgq/thomas-eakins-art-and-innovation-in-the-19th-century/ http://prezi.com/rctnc1g3c77z/ file:///Users/kathykristof/Documents/Helen%20Jewett.htm http://prezi.com/ejamani-bidy/edit/#71 Sanitation in 1800s Chicago Religious Discourse in the Late 19th Century The World Parliament of Religions at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair http://prezi.com/klifnihnb9u0/ Outlaws Battle Hymn of the Republic:
Shedding Roots, Making Meaning http://prezi.com/bphcartvttfq/ https://digitalcommons.georgetown.edu/blogs/cek44/ Feeding the Masses: Food at the Fair & the Creation of a National Palate http://prezi.com/3ngpqecay4h7/ " 'Chicago...asked in 1893 for the first time the question whether American people knew where they were driving...Chicago was the first expression of American thought as a unity; one must start there." (Cronon 344) Murals At the Turn of the Century http://prezi.com/rafqczvrqmnf/ The Library of Congress http://prezi.com/9fcwsqolm5av/ The Rise of Police Forces http://prezi.com/e-gqs1b7lfmw/edit/#91 The Smithsonian http://prezi.com/onm-yqymef7y/ http://prezi.com/5cahudwgor9c/ Garity
http://prezi.com/mmplzrc3btzy/ 1. click on your individual presentation, then hit the manage tab on the upper left side
2. check 'make public' (otherwise the link is live but when you get to a new page, public users get a 'no permission' message)
3. then click 'copy link' (it copies for you, don't need to ctrl+C, and for some reason just copying the url text isn't a go)
4. go into the group prezi and paste it

When you paste it, initially it just looks like text and not a hyperlink in edit format, but then when you go to 'show' it should convert so you can just click through ISSUES LINKING? Women's Education at Land-Grant Colleges Women's Military Regiments Women's Athletics http://prezi.com/sdpxgy6dujis/
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