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Little Women

No description

Trey Kennedy

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of Little Women

By: Louisa May Alcott

Pages: 529

Prezi By: Kaitlyn Kennedy
Little Women
Meg March
Margaret (Meg) March is the oldest of the four March sisters. As the oldest, she acts very motherly to her three younger sisters. She is very pretty, with her brown hair and large eyes, and much beloved by her siblings.
Jo March
Josephine ( Jo) March is the second eldest of the March sisters. Her long limbs, hands and feet well suit her tomboyish demeanor. This young author has gray eyes, a comical nose and thick hair, which is her one beauty.
Little Women is a historical fiction novel.


1. I did like the book.

2. I enjoyed the romance, the marriage trials, and the bond of the March sisters. I did not like, however, the length of the novel.

3. I would recommend the book.

4. I would recommend this novel to anyone, who is willing read a wordy novel.

Beth March
Rosy and bright-eyed Elizabeth (Beth) March is the third eldest of the March sisters. She has a timid voice and a shy manner. Young Beth seems to live in a world of her own and only comes back to reality to interact with those she trusts and loves.
The story of Little Women takes place in New England at the time of the Civil War.
On New Year's Eve, the year the story begins, Meg and Jo are invited to a party hosted by a woman called Mrs. Gardiner. When the two sisters arrive at the party, They are greeted by the hostess and left in the hands of Mrs. Gardiner's daughter, Sallie. Jo ventures off, not being a fan of girly gossip, and stumbles into none other than her lonely neighbor, Theodore Laurence. The two talk and over time become friends. As the book progresses, all the March sisters consider Laurie the brother they never had.
Laurie's Loves
After Laurie's graduation from college, he confesses his love for Jo, and proposes. Her love toward Laurie being only brotherly, Jo graciously turns him down. Seeing his grandson angry and distraught, old Mr. Laurence, Laurie's grandfather, plans a trip to Europe. While in Europe, Laurie runs into Amy, who had been traveling about Europe for a while, and the two begin to meet in many places. Meanwhile in America, Beth confides to Jo that she is dying and her health worsens from that point forward. Beth eventually dies. When the news reaches Amy and Laurie, the two meet to comfort one another. During that meeting, they realize they love each other. Soon Laurie proposes to Amy. They are married before they come home and re-enter the March house as Mr. and Mrs. Laurence.
Jo's Little Men
After her happy marriage to Mr. Fredrich Bhaer, Jo uses the land she was given by her late Aunt March to house a group of boys. There, her husband teaches these boys while Jo cares for all of them. Over the course of five years, Jo, Amy, and Meg's families all grow in size and number. On an October day, all the families meet to pick apples and to celebrate Mrs. March's birthday. The three remaining sisters sit with their mother not as little girls, but as little women, and their mother wishes them all well. Thus, ends the heartwarming chronicles of the March sisters' lives.
Sad Times
While Mrs. March is away caring for her husband, who had become ill during the war, Beth learns that a very poor family, the Hummels, have a new baby who is sick with scarlet fever. For some time, Beth is faithful to go and visit them every day. However, after failing to persuade her sisters to accompany her one day, Beth returns to the Hummel house, once again, on her own. She returns home very late that night, and immediately shuts herself in her mother's room. Sometime later, Jo sneaks into the room only to find Beth red in the eyes and looking for medicine. Beth tells Jo the whole story of how the baby died in her lap before its mother returned home. Later, Jo and Meg find out that Beth also has scarlet fever. The two older girls soon send the youngest, Amy, to their Great Aunt March's house, since she has not had the fever. Meg and Jo do not send for their mother until Beth gets worse. Following their Mother's return, Beth convalesces and soon after, Amy comes home.

Amy March
Amy March is the youngest of the four March girls. She has blue eyes and bright blonde curls. This young artist's demeanor is that of a young lady who is always mindful of her manners.
There are many themes to Little Women, but the main theme is family. The March sisters supported and loved each other all their lives. Their devotion only grew as they each had a family of their own. Another theme to Little Women, is maturity. All the March girls were different, so they matured in many different ways and at different times. They still, however, deeply loved each other through all their troubles of growing up in the nineteenth century.
Meg's Romance
Prior to the event of Beth's fever, Jo is informed by Laurie that his tutor, a Mr. John Brooke, has a crush on Meg. When Mrs. March left her husband in Washington to return and care for Beth, Mr. Brooke, who had accompanied her, wanted to stay and care for Mr. March. Mr. Brooke was also present at Mr. March's joyous return. Over time, Meg, who already admired Mr. Brooke for some of his selfless acts, grows to love him. However, she is not quite certain of her love until Aunt March discourages her not to marry him. Despite Aunt March's objection and Jo's anger for loosing her sister, Meg marries John when she reaches the age of twenty. After an eventful start to married life, Mr. and Mrs. John Brooke soon have twins called Daisy and Demi.
My Favorite Part
Soon after the twin's birth, Meg starts to pay attention to the babies more than her husband. John starts to drift away, going to other people's houses for dinner. Meg starts to worry, but after an eye-opening talk with her mother, she apologizes to her husband and starts to return the Brooke household to normal. One night Meg decides to have a quiet meal with her husband. She orders a good meal, puts on her best dress, and tries to put her children to sleep early. Docile Daisy, obeys immediately. Demi, however, would not go to sleep! Even after being promised cake for breakfast, the child would not remain in his room. After several attempts by Meg at putting the child to bed, she finally entrusted John to make the child sleep. John was successful, and the couple had a pleasant evening together discussing each other's interests.
Meeting Laurie
Little Women
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