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Retraining teachers to increase language programs

A workshop presentation for the AFMLTA conference in 2015

ISQ Staff

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Retraining teachers to increase language programs

Retraining teachers to increase language programs
A Queensland story
What is the issue?
Study Tour to Japan
Study Tour to New Caledonia
Gottingen and Hamburg
Study Tour to Germany
Approximately 400 language teachers but at least 40 schools don't have a program
small schools that cannot financially support an extra teacher
remote or regional location
itinerant language teachers that travel with a spouse, 2-3 year turn over
low perceived status of languages education in the community
Even regional cities have difficulty sourcing or keeping a language teacher
What problems does this cause?
swapping and changing between languages
broken pathways in languages education for students
staffing , timetable issues for leadership
What can be done?
Retrain teachers to teach a language
Language studies - Diploma or Other Studies

Intensive program
Language studies
Diploma of Languages
2 or more years part time
Commonwealth supported positions
Agreement from the principal
Intensive language program
Study tour in-country and online course
Intensive Program
Fast track to language teaching - study tour and online course
Language Studies
Tertiary qualifications
Commonwealth Student First Support Funding, now Education Futures Funding
School commitment
Supporting letter for the teacher from the principal
Needs create innovation
Federal government push to have 40% of school leavers graduating with a language
21 new language teachers
11 new language programs (7 in regional schools, like The Burdekin, Gladstone and Charters Towers)
17 teachers already teaching the target language
Scholarships from the Goethe Institut and funding by the Ishikawa Foundation through the National Federation of Australian Japanese Societies
Agreement to support the teacher to teach the target language in a mode that suits the school
Shortage of language teachers in regional areas
Teachers want a challenge and a change in their careers
For the Diploma and Other Studies
For the intensive program
2 discussion posts over two years
1 journal article in Catalyst
2 discussion posts over 1.5 years
1 journal article
1 teaching and learning resource
Encouraged to join MLTAQ and to attend regular network meetings
Introduced to a mentor
Introduced to a mentor
Kathy Harris
Education Services Officer
Study choices
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