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Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 2 January 2018

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Transcript of G3

Why Advertise?
Magic Formulas
Market Research
Why Radio?

• Radio Creates Pre-need Preference
Busy consumers won’t take time to read ads or websites for products or services they are not on the market for. Intrusive radio influences them on the go, creating preferences for your business when they do have a need and begin their search.

Adult Population of Portage la Prairie and RM is 19,521
x 100 semi loads

(medium sized farm)

Based on
Advantages of Online Marketing
with PortageOnline
Golden West Community websites are there with news, sports,
and weather
On Demand!
Quality creative can engage and inform prospective clients with a call to action directing them where you want them to go.
Your advertisements are visible 24 hrs/day; 7 days/week; 365 days/year.
Add in Mobile Browsing...
75 hours a month

Over 3/4 Canadian mobile phone users own a smart phone.
Reinforce the message you are sending through media
with a visual presence.

Radio and Online combine to outperform other media by
• Radio is Intrusive
Consumers who are loyal to competitors may not take time to read about you online or in print, but can be influenced as they go about their daily activities with intrusive advertising. Another way to look at the word "intrusive" is to consider all of the songs you can sing along with, never having taken the time to learn the lyrics. This means we can skip over printed, online, or other passive media messages but can absorb intrusive radio messages without consciously engaging.
• Radio Can Tell Your Story
The internet has made it fast and easy to search for the facts, details, and prices of your offerings. Often times buyer decisions are made emotionally and only justified logically with research and facts after that emotional story (commercial) has won their hearts.
Promote Competitive Advantage/ Unique selling style
Build Brand Awareness
Promote the Way You Do Business/ Innovation
Generate New Customers
Increase Name Awareness
Resolve Doubts About Company
There are approximately 345 farms in the RM of Portage la Prairie!
Grain Rush
Farmers' Appreciation
Tank & Trailer
What's Your Message
1 of 2
30 Second Commercial
What's Your Message
1 of 2
30 Second Commercial
Location....the complexity of “legal” loads needing to go to Elm Creek to cross the Assiniboine River (merely an example)
To handle additional commodities.

Business hinges on volatile markets and the weather.
The final “result” of superior service provided, is better than ALL competitors.
The loading/unloading experience is personal...hands on. OLD FASHIONED if you will. Juxtaposition of OLD FASHIONED meets THE STATE OF THE ART FACILITY.
The Customer experience is a warm and fuzzy one, from elevator to office.
It’s an involved and interactive experience.....the best overall outcome for the farmer.
Customer gains a personal, knowledgeable customer service experience.
They provide competitive pricing.
Continued lack of awareness to an extent.
Expand overall business and market share.
Increase overall G3 footprint on the prairies.
Approximately 43.5% are Grain and Oil Seed farms
150 Grain Farms
per semi load
= $1,000,000.00
x 150 Grain Farms in the RM
What's Your Message
1 of 1
10 Second Liner
A recent study conducted by Google (yes, Google) states that "using broadcast media (TV and Radio specifically) greatly enhances search results."

This infomation is an invaluable combination which will prove that "radio + search" is the real winning combination to drive their sales.
Nielson Report, January 2016
28.8 million Canadian adults access the internet with a computer.
Users consume 39 hours a month browsing on desktops and laptops.
Market Realities
Market Realities
75 hours a month

Over 3/4 Canadian mobile phone users own a smart phone.
Add in Mobile Browsing...
Our History
"'Built by Radio"'
30 second commercials daily
Jock Talk
Launched in 2003
# of users: 0
# of page views: 0
# of users: 76,000 independent IP addresses
# of page views: Over 2,800,000 pages of PortageOnline consumed monthly!
Over 96% of users return
We are the #1 source of local news for Portage la Prairie and Area!
Today - 2016
The Need
To provide continuous exposure of the G3 brand in your central market area.
Create brand awareness 24/7
The Opportunity
Link advertising directly to your website
Extensive promotion on CFRY, MIX 96 and Country 93
Environmentally friendly
Leaderboard ad #2
(max 4 rotations)
Ag News pages
The Plan
To sell the G3 advantage.
To expand overall Business and Market Share.
Marketing Summary
CFRY 920AM and PortageOnline can help you reach your target market!
Increased Marketshare = Increased Profits for you!
Increase Top-of-Mind Awareness of G3 Canada.
Emphasize message of G3 offering a unique competitive alternative to farmers.
Tell Farmers why they should choose G3.
Consistency + Frequency + Message = Marketshare
A Sound Partnership!
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