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Star Wars

No description

Thomas Houser

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Star Wars

Star Wars
A New Hope

By: Thomas and Casey
Step 1: Unusual birth.
Luke Skywalker was raised by his uncle and aunt. Because his parents left him at a very young age, or so he thinks. One day after he comes back to the house he finds that his aunt and uncle have been killed by stormtroopers he then plans to get payback on the empire

Step 2:Call to adventure
Step 4 Challenges and trials
Step 3 Crossing the threshold
Step 5:Supernatural mentor
Part 6:Special weapon
Step 7:Abyss or temptation
Step 8:The transformation
Step 9:The return home
Step 10:Mastery of 2 worlds
Ben Kenobi, an old hermit who saves Luke from sandpeople, tells Luke that he must become a jedi in order to fight the empire, since the empire killed Luke's aunt and uncle. They go to the cantina to hire a ride to alderan so they can train.
Luke crosses the threshold when he, his droids, and Ben kenobi go to the cantina to hire Han Solo and Chewbacca so they can get a ride off the planet and go to Alderan so they can begin Luke's Jedi training.
Luke and his companions are captured by
the Death Star. There they must rescue
Princess Leia, and shut off the tractor beam so they can escape. There Ben Kenobi must hold off against Darth Vader so that Luke, the princess, and his companions can escape, Ben dies and Luke must fulfill his training by himself.
Luke Skywalker's Mentor is Ben Kanobi. Throughout the movie he teaches him the force, how to wield a lightsaber, and taught him the jedi way.
Luke's special weapon is the lightsaber it can slice through almost anything, even humans. It is made out of pure plasma (the blue part) and the handle part is made out of the wielder's preference.
Luke is tempted to give up his quest when he is training. He thinks that becoming a jedi is impossible, so why should he waste his time. But Obi-Wan's Sacrifice makes him realize he should keep training to become a jedi.
Luke's transformation is when he destroys the death star. Destroying the death star makes him a hero because he saved an entire planet from being blown up and he set the empire back on years of work.
Returning home to the rebel's base and receiving an award is when Luke's return home happens. He is hailed as a hero and is given a medal along with his friends.
Luke's mastery of 2 worlds is when Luke comes back from his quest. He is given a medal and he must deal with the continuous threat of the empire. Luke's quest is not finished until the 6th movie
Attributes of a hero
Luke Skywalker is courageous because he takes on the empire with only a small force. He takes down the Death Star almost single-handedly. He is smart because he can get out of almost every situation he gets himself into. He is strong physically and mentally and he is strong in the force as well.
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