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2014 A&W College Induction

Must be used as part of College induction in September 2014 -see also Induction Guidance document available on Intranet and Staff Moodle

Jo Milsom

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of 2014 A&W College Induction

Important stuff we need you to know
College Policies
We expect all students to attend college 100% of the time, and we expect you to arrive at your lessons on time. If you are late it is unfair to everyone else and disrupts the lesson, if you miss classes you will fall behind and find it difficult to complete your work.

You should also be aware that any financial support the college may provide you with will be stopped if your attendance drops below 100%.

If you are ill and unable to attend college, you are required to call into the absence hotline on 01494 585511, or log it via Moodle, to let us know.
Attendance & Punctuality
It's easy to make jokes about Health and Safety, but the safety of our students and staff is no laughing matter - it's something we take very seriously at Amersham & Wycombe College. Your tutors will make the Health & Safety rules for your department very clear to you, so please do take note - it's everyone's responsibility to maintain a safe environment for us all.

Our college wide Health & Safety policy can be read on Moodle
Health & Safety
We want everyone to have the best opportunities to learn and achieve in college, but that can't happen when other people behave inconsiderately and inappropriately, so we have a Code of Conduct that we expect everyone to stick to - it's all about having respect for each other really. It's a baseline for how we expect you to behave and was written with the help from some of last year's students -you might find that in your curriculum area the tutors have extra rules and you are expected to stick to those too.
Conduct & Behaviour
When people don't stick to the Code of Conduct we have to do something about it, because it just isn't fair on everyone else. To make sure these situations are dealt with fairly and consistently we have a policy and procedure that we must follow with every case. If you'd like to read the whole policy, you will find it on Moodle, but here is a summary of what you need to know.....
Disciplinary action
We have zero tolerance on bullying and harassment but we think it is important to clarify exactly what bullying is, and what you can do about it.

Your tutor will now deliver an activity based on this with you and then you will return to this presentation.
It is important that all the work you produce in college is your own; there may be times when you are required to collaborate with other students, but you must not attempt to copy or reproduce the work of someone else - whether they are a student with us or not. This is called plagiarism and is a form of cheating.

You must take care, especially when researching online, not to copy whole chunks of other people's work, and if you do use someone else's ideas anywhere in your work you must make it clear that it is not your own. Your tutor will explain to you the correct way to do this.

We expect everyone to behave with honesty and integrity at Amersham & Wycombe College and your tutor will now do an activity with you to make sure everyone is clear about plagiarism. Afterwards you will be asked to sign an agreement about this.

Academic Misconduct
Full copies of all of these policies can be found on Moodle, or you can call into Student Services, the LRC or the Information Hub at either site and ask a member of staff to print you a copy
Student Charter
It is important to us that everyone understands what is needed to ensure you achieve your qualification whilst at the College. Therefore, we have a Charter that states exactly what the key commitments of both the College and the students.

Your tutor will give you a copy of this now
If you are absent and don't tell us why, you can expect us to call your home or parents, write to you, or even visit your house
If you break this code, you can expect to find yourself subject to the disciplinary process
The fire alarm is a loud continuous sound. It is tested weekly, first thing on a Friday morning. If you discover a fire, press the nearest call point or break the glass to set off the alarm. On hearing the alarm proceed immediately to the nearest fire exit and make your way to the nearest fire assembly point. Do not re-enter the building until you are told it is safe to do so.
At Flackwell Heath the fire assembley point is in lower carpark
At Amersham there are two assembly points: one at the front
and one at the rear of the building
If you need assistance to exit the building, your Course Leader will complete a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan with you to ensure your safety.
If you need a First Aider as a result of an accident or injury, you should contact Reception or Student Services and they will send one to you. Don't move an injured person, send someone to get help and the First Aider will come to you.
If there is no-one about to help you, call Reception on 01494 585273 - Amersham, 01494 585580 Flackwell Heath
All injuries or accidents that happen in college must be reported so that we can take steps to ensure it doesn't happen again. You can get a form from Student Services or the First Aider who treats you.
If you have any difficulties using a computer display screen, you should let your Course Leader know so that they can consult with the health & safety adviser
If you have been issued with PPE you MUST wear it. You must report any faults with it to you tutor immediately
PPE: Goggles, boots, overalls, gloves etc
Disciplinaries can relate to behaviour or academic performance.
There is a pathway of stages:
Informal Warning
- if you behave inappropriately, we will give you a chance to change your behaviour.
First Formal Stage
- if you don't listen when we warn you at the informal stage, or if you do something else or more serious, you will get a First Stage Formal warning from your Course Leader. You may find that there are actions you must follow after this to prevent the situation escalating.
Second Formal Warning
- if the inappropriate behaviour continues, you'll find yourself in a meeting with the Programme Area Manager for your course. This is more serious and could involve your parents. Your place on the course will now be
at risk
Formal Stage 3
- this involves the Head of Department and the Head of Student Services, you and your parents. This stage is where a decision could be made to permanently exclude you from the college.
We expect you to behave as you would at work, and we consider the following as examples of things we would call "
- Disruptive behaviour inside or outside of class
- swearing or other inappropriate use of offensive language
- spitting
- possession of alcohol
- disobedience or non-compliance with reasonable instructions
- refusal to wear college ID badge

This list is not exhaustive, there may be many more, but it should give you an idea of what we expect from our students.

Multiple incidents of misconduct can be considered gross misconduct.

Gross Misconduct
Some examples:
- threatening or violent behaviour
- theft or involvement in theft
- use or possession of illegal substances
- use of alcohol and drunkeness
- Illegal activities as defined by the law
- Bullying, harassment and intimidation
- Breech of Health & Safety guidelines
- vandalism and wilful damage
- failure to declare important information, or providing false information

Other things you need to know....

- If you are under 18 we will involve your parents at every stage
- You have the right of appeal
- Student Services can support you at any stage of the process
Academic Appeals
It's important to us that students are treated fairly at College and we are careful to ensure that students know what is required of them in their work, so that they can get the best grades possible. You should get an
assessment schedule
at the start of your course and detailed information about the marking criteria for
every assignment
. Your tutor will mark your work according to the guidance produced by the awarding body, but if you feel that this has not been done correctly or fairly, you have the right to appeal the grade. There are different stages of this process, and you can read the entire policy on Moodle, however a member of the Student Services team can help you, if you find yourself in this situation.
Student Services are here to help with any problems you have whilst at college - just pop into the LRC at either site for help.
PEEP: Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan
Parental Contact
If you are under 18 you should be aware that we expect to be in regular communication with your parents about your progress in College.

There are scheduled Parent Welcome meetings that we expect them to attend during the week commencing 29th September.

If no-one from your family attends, we will keep contacting them until we have been able to meet them personally because it is really important that we have good communication and that they support you in your studies.
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