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The Evolution of the Smart Bullet.

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Maggie Shi

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of The Evolution of the Smart Bullet.

And the progression will go on for the development of the smart bullet.

The Developer
Throughout these couple of decades, there has been many innovations on the bullet. The Greener bullet was the first to have a pointed base and a hollow base to engage the barrel Also it had an aerodynamic shape made this ammo extremely effective. The bullets created after this time like Minié ball, were modeled after the Greener bullet.
Grooves on the Bullet
Next break through in improving the bullet is using grooves to create a spin before projecting to its target. This idea was adopted to to all future models of bullets. The innovator, Sir Joseph Whitworth also experimented with many other ways to improve the bullet such as smaller bore and elongating the bullet.
Rifle Bullet
This bullet was invented by Major Rubin. The rifle bullet not only is an elongated bullet, but also has a lead core and a copper coating. The copper coating allows the bullet to bare high temperatures from being fired at high velocities. This carved the way to powerful guns and machine guns.
The Smart Bullet
The Smart Bullet
The next improvement...
The next major innovation:
From smart phones to cleaning robots, the world is getting more and more self-functional. There is even a self-guided bullet.
Sandia National Laboratories have created a bullet that can seek out targets even as far as a mile away from where the shooter is located. This new innovation of the modern bullet is still a work in progress and is under development for the U.S but this powerful bullet has changed the face of snipers and future warfare already.
Sandia National Laboratories are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They were the inventors of the Smart Bullet. Though at the moment, it is under development for the U.S. military by Alliant Tech systems.
Bullets before
Current Smart Bullet
Uses a laser to navigate to its target
Can correct the path using programming
uses fins to travel
Has all the aspects of a normal bullet
Took much more programing to turn
Much more expensive to make than normal bullets
4 inches long
reaches up to 2400 ft. per second
created to have multiple parts like a missile
does not have grooves like traditional bullet
Flies and is projected like a dart
self corrects at 30 times a second
8 inches of correction
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