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andrew tayeh

on 22 May 2011

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Transcript of RUBBER

synthetic rubber artificial substance
formed from the polymerization of various monomers e.g. isoprene, butadiene, chloroprene, and isobutylene
major producers include: India, China and the U.S. How was synthetic rubber founded What are some negative and positive impacts of the applied science involved in the manufacture of synthetic rubber? Advantages of synthetic rubber disadvantages of synthetic rubber Technology involved in manufacturing process Bibliography reasons for supporting research in the use/ production of synthetic rubber vulcanisation process makes the rubber
less susceptible to aging and weathering.
more resistant to oil, solvents, oxygen, ozone, and certain chemicals.
more resilient over a wider temperature range petrochemicals (oil) = primary input
non-renewable resource
extraction causes land degradation General purpose synthetic rubber is made by combining butadiene and styrene.
After the two are mixed in the presence of soapsuds in a reactor, liquid latex is formed.
The dry rubber in the liquid latex is then condensed into crumbs, washed, dried, and baled ready for shipment. http://www.erasersworld.com/eng/sintet.htm
http://www.tis-gdv.de/tis_e/ware/kautschuk/synthesekautschuk/synthesekautschuk.htm where do we find rubber Everywhere.
E.g. hoses, belts, gaskets, tyres, wet suits, life rafts and even toilet plungers. RUBBER Natural Rubber comes from the rubber tree, which is found in south-east asia better the environment
synthetic rubber is a limited resource and natural rubber supplies cannot meet the growing demand --> need for alternative
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