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UK Applications: A Personal Perspective

No description

Natalie Narh

on 29 June 2015

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Transcript of UK Applications: A Personal Perspective

UK Applications: A Personal Perspective
Natalie Narh x Kanchelli Iddrisu
The United Kingdom (UK) is made up of
Northern Ireland

Great Britain - Island where majority of England, Scotland and Wales can be found.

Northern Ireland is part of the UK but

Great Britain

British Isles is everything above including Isle of Man and the republic of Ireland

London is
equivalent to England or the United Kingdom.

Scaling it Down
Shorter degree program (3 years, more time to work, although still 4 years in Scotland)
Save a year of paying tuition
UK gov't ensures high quality education
4/6 top unis are in the UK (14/15 QS World Ranking)
Wide range of specialised courses
Traveling more flexible and cheaper (within the EU)
Focused study if you know what to do
More accessible career oppotunities
Why should I apply to the UK?

University and Colleges Admissions Services



How can I apply?
When can I apply?
Mid October 2015
(Oxbridge and Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Applicants)
Mid January 2016
(All other generic courses)
Late March 2016
(Art and Design Courses)
Late June 2016
(Late applicants)
Late July 2016
Mid September 2016
(Late applicants/Clearing)
What course should I apply for?
Ultimately, no one can accurately answer this question except you, but ...
What are your interests?

What are your future ambitions, goals?

Where do you want to work?

Who do you want to work for?

What are your favourite subjects?
Read about what to study and different courses
(Important for Personal Statement)
Which uni is the best for me?
UCAS Services

Eligible if you've:
Used all five choices and not holding any offers.
Canceled choices you haven't received decisions for.
Declined all offers received.
UCAS Services
Unis and colleges use this to fill in their available spaces (One person can't attend five schools!)

Available from July-September

Eligible if you've held a conditional offer but it didn't go according to plan

Applications after 30 June are put into clearing automatically

Still very possible to get a very good uni with clearing
Filling it all in
Buzzword > Register > Form > Personal Statement (Within form)

Also consider:
Course Structure
(You can find this on the uni websites)
Overall rankings
Rankings specific to your course
Entry Requirements (Grades etc)
College Counselor
Open Days
Forums - The Student Room
Baba God
Social Life
Oxbridge Applicants
Follow this link for more info!
Medicine and Law
Might have to take additional tests such as UKCAT, MCAT, or BMAT (Medicine) and LNAT (Law)
A lot more competitive, sometimes advisable to stay in Ghana if you want to practice here with medicine.
Student Unions
Societies where you can find people with the same interests that hold various events to instill some form of unity and guidance.
Personal Statements
Try doing it over the summer - early
Be honest
Representative of the course being applied for
Review it as much as you can, make sure you can get at least three reviews from your English teacher and other people you trust
Make sure to address the following questions in your statement:
Why are you applying for your chosen course?
Why does this course (or these courses) interest you?
Why do you think you're suitable for the course?
Do your current studies relate to your course? If so, how?
Also include:
Skills and Achievements
Hobbies and Interests
Work Experience
Career Plans
General tips for writing the personal statement:
Remember in the end you pick a maximum of five schools!
Use of good English is a must.
Show enthusiasm - It helps!
Review, review, review
Use the UCAS guidelines!!!
Don't exaggerate
Don't lie please
Don't procrastinate!
Don't write more than 4000 characters!
Have more questions?
We're all here to help!
Eden Opoku Nyarko (Law) - edenopoku @gmail.com
Effie Boaitey (Law) - effieboaitey@gmail.com
Eseosa (Chemical Engi) - jayeife@yahoo.com
Yehowada (Law) - nii01@yahoo.com
Nigel (Economics) - nigelattamensah@gmail.com
Margaret Darko (Medicine,USA) - mvikie@yahoo.com
Selvam (USA) - Selvamallotey@gmail.com
Jessica (CS UK and US) - jessicaasare8@gmail.com
Edem (USA) - edemsidleo@gmail.com
Paolo Manu (Business)- paolo.manu@yahoo.com
Randy - quayerandy@gmail.com
David Amlalo - gameli.amlalo (skype)

Natalie Nakuor Narh
(International Media & Communication)
nat_04@hotmail.co.uk (iMessage)

... and all the best
SOS-HGIC Class of 2016!
Oxbridge Applicants
Standard Entry Requirements
Oxford: 38 - 40
Cambridge: 40-41
Be mentally and financially prepared for an interview
Cannot apply to both Oxford and Cambridge
Must apply by Mid October 2015
Registration usually begins September
Find various LNAT papers online
Practice your typing as test is taken on computer
Be up to date with the news, it helps!

The following unis require LNAT:

University of Birmingham.
University of Bristol.
Durham University.
University of Glasgow.
King's College London.
University of Nottingham.
University of Oxford
University College London
Average score for this year was 22/42.
Obviously very challenging.
Practice, practice, practice!
This course usually requires a higher aggregate as it is competitive, so bear this in mind!
Exhibit your interests in current issues as well your traits as a focused logical thinker in your personal statement
Also stress that you are willing to learn a lot from the course and don't imply that you 'know it all'
Research carefully as some unis offer Law in conjunction with Politics, Philosophy and Law, Law and French etc

Career Counseling
Most unis offer a counseling department that gives advice on your career choice and provide several avenues for finding internships and jobs right after undergrad!

Look on the uni websites to find these methods of counseling.
Student Finance
UK and EU nationals
, to apply for student finance:
You must have resided in the UK for 3 years beforehand
If eligible you receive maintenance grants of over £3000 and student loans
You pay this back over 20 years after your income exceeds a set amount

All UK and EU nationals pay £9000 per year for tuition.

Read on Fee Assessment Forms
UK and EU nationals
(Determines whether you pay home or international fees)
Visit the following website for more info:

Scholarships are offered to BOTH international and UK students but the offers may change each year.
Yes, UK scholarships DO exist!
Follow these links as a starting point to your research:
Kanchelli Iddrisu
African Caribbean Society
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