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The New Sevenly

No description

Natacha Braine Bonnaire

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of The New Sevenly

The New Sevenly
Analysis of Sevenly Today
Current Brand Status
Innovative & Unique. For-profit charity organization. Fresh. Modern. Young. Optimistic. Trendy

Sevenly New Organizational Structure

Expanding without losing the spirit of a small company
- New local headquarters outside of California
- Different cause for each regional sections

Being efficient through
a team based managerial structure
Storing the unsold products

for special events

Goals & Benefits
Production Process
The Basics
Sevenly is a fairly
new start up
company that sells different limited edition products, mostly a large variety of T-shirts, and
from each purchase gives $7
(hence Sevenly) to a specific charity organization.
Sevenly is also a spin off of the word ‘
’ since heaven is seen as ‘a world without need’.

As of 2012, Sevenly has
a staff of twelve
but Partridge, its co-founder, would like to grow the team to about 30 people and would like it to ‘stay
small and efficient

New Week = New Cause
Each week, Sevenly has
new products
and for these week’s products, they have a
different charity
to which their money goes towards.

Sevenly not only creates a
sense of need
for customers to buy their products but also creates a
sense of urgency
, as all their products are only available for this one week.

Causes and Projects
Autism Speaks: the largest donation
as of the 16th of October - $245,709 donated
RE*Generation: to address youth
- $64,959 donated
T.A.P.S. - provides resources for
military men, women and their families
- $49,862 donated
Seven Days of Christmas: a chance to
purchase shirts from past campaigns
in different colours from the originals, only
on sale for 24 hours
- $153,615 donated

Content Model
What does Sevenly sell and
how do they sell their products?
-> T-shirts, water bottles and accessories
-> By keeping up
! Structure of place (ex. Complaining Room) and throughout various
online platforms
-> Content and audience aggregation: focus on the products’ content as well as
getting designs and ideas from their audience

Distribution Model
How do they plan on distributing their products and information?
, emails,
social media
, the products themselves, stickers
Window model
limited time of one week
(or one day)
Cross-media/platform model: available platforms include their website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, and Vimeo.
They have multiple platforms but not a huge social media presence
. More cooperation needed with other companies on Facebook, not just via their site.
Marketing Model
How do they plan on selling?
Awareness through products, videos talking about the various causes, goals achieved posted
- traditional branding, viral model
Affinity model: partnerships and selling to set group ex. To Write Love On Her Arms
They plan to raise awareness for different charities through the products themselves as well as through a large social media presence.
Revenue model
– where does said money go?
$7 to charity and rest of the funds go to Sevenly
30% of its revenue is donated
multiple revenue streams and revenue sharing model
Mission Statement
"Our overall goal is to
activate intentional generosity and love for others
, there are millions of people who have never supported a charity before, so asking for a monetary donation might be weird.. So we thought, let’s
encourage people to donate their social influence
first. Next, let’s allow people to
purchase a product that gives money to a cause they support
, and last, let’s encourage these
donors to connect deeper with these charities
." (Sevenly 2013)
A New Focus
“Spending on Sevenly,
spreads salvation

“Sevenly is the
one place where you can shop without feeling guilty

A New Mission Statement
A place more than profit driven
Social Media
Fast, timeless, global and viral.
Introducing an App

Information and news update
T-shirt design polls

Sevenly's Website
The Importance of Community Managing
Products that are related to the cause
For example: sight > glasses or sun glasses
stray dogs > dog leashes or collars
Marketing Plans

posting Sevenly products on
their social media account


Annual Special “Sevenly’s Day” on the 7th of July (7/7)

- Ask a celebrity to design a t-shirt for that week
- Choose a celebrity that will represent the cause of the week

Marketing plans: Online advertising

Google ads
to gain potential supporters

which are associated with Sevenly’s purposes and
them  #hope #makeachange #sevenlyspreadingsalvation

This will also help to reinforce the purpose of Sevenly.
Marketing Plans: Identity

Make the brand
logo more visible
on products

Increase familiarity
of the brand among people

For Sevenly
Increase sales
, especially because of the app
brand awareness
Achieve their weekly
goals of social media
(that can be seen on the website)
new audiences
Gain reliability. Be taken more seriously.
For Consumers
Better knowledge
of what the brand does.
Feeling they know
where their money is going
Better products
(e.g. if partnerships with big fashion brands or celebrities)
Brand might get “hype”,
rewarding to wear it
The brand trying to be
more interactive
, let consumers give their opinions
For The Community
Promotes the
idea of solidarity
If things go well, Sevenly could
donate a larger part of their revenue
good for the NGOs
Great to see an
alternative way of producing clothes, consuming them
-> doing something good for someone else by buying something you like.
give ideas to other
For investors/sponsors
Always really
rewarding to be engaged in a non-profit organization, a charitable cause
(e.g. interesting for celebrities)

Sevenly i
s a
good investment
because it’s a
young project
(2 years old) that
could get highly profitable
in not such a long time
Van Tassel, Joan and Poe-Howfield, Lisa (2010), Managing Electronic Media Chapter 13: Media Industry Business Models. Focal Press.

Green,J., & Jenkins,H. 2011, ‘Spreadable Media: How Audiences Create Value and Meaning in a Networked Economy’. The handbook of media audiences, 5, 109.

Sevenly 2013, Sevenly, California viewed 16 October 2013, <http://www.sevenly.org/our-story>
Sevenly 2011, Vimeo, New York viewed 14 October 2013, <http://vimeo.com/24568408>
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