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The Truth about Truman School:)

No description

Kailin Green

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of The Truth about Truman School:)

By: Kailin Green:) The Truth about Truman School
Really by: Dori Hillestad Butler:) Setting: - Took place at: School, home, and Amr, Zebby and Lilly's old treehouse. Characters: - Zebby: One of the two kids who made the website 'http://www.TheTruthaboutTrumanschool.com' also, has a mind of her own. -Amr: One of the two kids who made the website 'http://www.TheTruthaboutTrumanSchool.com' also, Amr is a computer geek..makes straight A's and is a good student at school. -Lilly Clarke: One of the 'popular girls' at Truman School and was talked about on the website (also known as cyberbullying) and were friends with Amr and Zebby till she left them to join the popular girls at Truman. -Trevor: Computer geek, gets picked on by popular boys, his mom passed away so he only lives with his dad, very nice and loves to draw/do/color/write comic-strips. -Sarah: Very shy, doesn't talk....even if the teacher asks her something she doesn't respond but she use to talk then she stopped and has eczema. -Anonymous: Computer geek, very smart, nerd, mean and likes to get payback. In the end, Anonymous turns out to be someone shocking. -Hayley: One of the popular girls, well is the top popular girl, get's everything she wants, betrades Lilly when something goes wrong and dated Reece. -Brianna: One of the popular girls, smart-mouth, and gets blamed for things she don't do. -Reece: Popular boy, Hayley's ex-boyfriend, is dating Lilly (but then not because they break up because of rumors) and is a bully. Theme: I chose this story because it looked intresting and I read the back of the book and it seemed like drama and since we have some drama in 6th grade sometimes, I wanted to read about it. It's a really good book, it has a grabber and everything!:) Main Conflict: The problem was Zebby and Amr made a website to tell the truth about their school..Truman. It was going good at first but then drama started..someone started a rumor about Lilly because of something she did. Now she's losing her friends, boyfriend and POPULARITY!! The Cause (-_-)..... The cause was when Anonymous said/made up something about Lilly, so she could feel the same pain that they felt from what Lilly said to them. The Effect (/.\).... When Lilly's boyfriend Reece, friends and school dislikes her, she runs away from her problems. She runs away to Zebby's, Amr's and her old treehouse out in the woods that they found a long time ago. Lilly ends up missing for weeks and one night Zebby and Amr think they know where she is. Later that night, Zebby and Amr confence Lilly to come home and she does. Moral of the story: What I learned from this story is not to bully because instead of Lilly running away it could've led to suicide because of something someone said..for example...Amanda Todd:( Author's Corner: Dori Hillestad Butler is an amazing person for making/writing this book. I've learned a lot from this book 'The Truth about Truman School', it's a very good book. Dori has written over 20 books!:)
Books like 'The Case of the Lost Boy, My Grandpa Had a stroke, Yes I Know the Monkey Man, The Case of the Lost Family and more! To read or want to know more go to Kidswriter.com and type in Dori Hillestad Butler (or your author's name) and you'll find book by them.
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