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No description

Hilary hibbs

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Skellig

Author: David Almond
Created By: Hilary Hibbs
Genre: Fiction

Main Characters
Conflict #1
Internal Conflict: Michael had a lot of internal conflict throughout the book. He was always angry with his baby sister and blamed her for turning everything upside down. Deep down though, he knew it wasn't her fault and felt bad for being angry.
Conflict #2
Resolution: Skellig stopped fighting Michael to leave him alone to die because Michael gave him a reason to live again. Helping Skellig made Michael also feel needed and made him feel useful and cared about while his parents were busy worrying about his sick baby sister.
The Best and Worst Parts
The best part of the book Skellig, was when Michael and Mina made Skellig healthy and strong again. My least favorite part was when Skellig had to leave without saying a proper goodbye to Michael and Mina. It was so sad the way he just left a heart scratched into the floor board saying thank you and was gone forever.
Michael was a 10 year-old boy who had just moved into a new house. He was constantly worried about his sick baby sister and a crippled living being he had found in his garage named Skellig.

Mina was the girl who lived next door. She loved nature and animals (especially birds). She was friendly, caring and fascinated with Skellig. She became one of Michael's best friends!
Skellig was a pale, dirty, cripple living being. He wore a worn out black suit and was funny at times but he mostly just felt defeated.He kept asking Michael for asprin, brown ale and chinese food(number 27 and 53). It is hard to say what Skellig actually was as he had wings and ate rodents but seemed like a man too.
Where? The story took place on Falconer Road in England, particularly in the garage behind Michael's house which was so old it could have collapsed at any time.
When? No date was given but in 2012 the author stated he still didn't know what Skellig actually was.
What was happening? When the story began Michael and his family had just moved into an old house in order to be close to the hospital for Michael's sick baby sister.
Resolution: Michael realized how much he really loved his baby sister and how scared he actually was that she might die. He understood that she needed their mom and dad right now but that they still loved him.
Interpersonal conflict: An example of this type of conflict in the novel was between Michael and Skellig. Skellig wanted to be left alone to die but Michael was determined to save him.
Conflict #3
External conflict: This conflict was found between Michael and his old friends. His best friends from before he moved, started making fun of Mina and the fact that Michael was her friend and liked to hang out with her.
Resolution: Michael decided he didn't fit in anymore with his old buddies. He thought Mina was very interesting and smart and built a special friendship with her while they worked together to help Skellig.
My Favorite Quote
"The Dead are often known to eat 27 and 53"
Who would I Recommend this Book To
I would recommend this book to kids my age or older as it discussed serious topics like death, illness, loneliness and how to make difficult choices.
Skellig constantly asked Michael for 27 and
53 to eat which Michael figured out were menu items for a chinese restaurant. Michael used to get his dad to order those items for him and then he would sneak some out to Skellig in the garage.
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