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The Other Wes Moore

No description

Madison Williams

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of The Other Wes Moore

The Other Wes Moore
Wes 1 Family Tree
Wes 2 Family Tree
Wes Moore 1- the author of the book
The book!
Wes Moore 2- will stay in jail for the rest of his life
(Who Influenced Wes 1)
Joy- Wes 1's mom. She is a strong lady, but needed support when her husband died. She moved the family to the Bronx where her parents lived. Joy makes a lot of sacrifices for her family including sending Wes 1 to military school.

Nikki- Wes 1's older sister (has a different dad than Wes 1)

Shani- Wes 1's younger sister she was only a baby when their father died

Winell and James Thomas- Wes 1's grandparents (his mothers parents) they moved from Jamaica and were planning to go back when they retired but gave up their Jamaica funds to pay for Wes 1's military school

Justin- Wes 1's best friend. Wes and Justin's families were very similar but Justin managed to do well in school while Wes struggled. Justin encouraged Wes when Wes was having trouble.

Colonel Batt- taught Wes in military school. His care for Wes 1's future caused Wes himself to care. He served as a good role model for Wes that Wes greatly needed

Mama, Zinzi, and Viwe- Wes 1's host family in South Africa. It was here and with their help that Wes came to terms with manhood

Mayor Schmoke- told Wes 1 about the Rhodes Scholarship

(Who Influenced Wes 2)
Mary- Wes 2's mom. She had an issue of marrying bad husbands who left her to take care of the kids. She did her best to support Wes and herself but was unable to finish college because she didn't have the money. She realizes her boys are making bad decisions in life and tries to stop them but she eventually gets discouraged and gives up.

Tony- Wes 2's brother (they had different dads) Wes tries to be like Tony and sees Tony as a role model because he doesn't have a good father. Tony is a drug dealer and is a part of all the bad aspects of Baltimore and doesn't want Wes to get involved in the drug game like he is. Tony is kind of hypocritical and Wes doesn't listen to Tony's advice

Bernard- Wes 2's alcoholic father. He does not see Wes

Mamie- Wes 2's grandma (his dad's mother) she is involved with Wes's life even though her son isn't and Wes 2 would often go to her house as a child.

Woody- Wes's neighborhood friend

Aunt Nicey- allows Wes to stay at her house after he gets out of jail from shooting his girlfriends other boyfriend

Alicia- Wes and Alicia have two children

Cheryl- another women Wes gets pregnant. She and Wes have two children. Cheryl has problems with drug addiction and she eventually dies from it at age 24

Wes Moore 1 has had a rough childhood, his father dies and he had to move to a new school home in a small amount of time. He fails to preform well in school and makes a few poor decisions at the time. However after experiencing military school and becoming a sergeant, he plans for the future and turns his life around onto good path. Wes Moore 2 has a rough childhood as well; his father is an alcoholic and his brother is a drug dealer in the Murphy homes. Wes' life begins to follow the footsteps of his brother's (Tony). From then on he makes one bad decision after another (during his drug dealing years). Tony and Wes rob a jewelry store and kill a police man and are sentenced to life in jail with no chance of parole. The Other Wes Moore is a story about two people with the same name, similar childhoods, and lived in the same are, but their decisions took them on two different paths in life
This book shows readers that poverty and childhood don't determine who you are or what you become, persistence, self confidence, and decisions you make will determine your success and the outcome of your life.




















1980 1982 1984 1986 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010
Wes' father dies
Moves to the Bronx
He is failing school
He graffitis the wall
His mom sends him to military school
He becomes Sergeant
Level of bad feeling vs good feeling
Graduates military school
He becomes an exchange student
Goes to Oxford
Becomes a paratrooper in Afghanistan
begins to write the other wes moore
meets father who is an alcoholic
Tony spends more time dealing drugs in the Murphy Homes
Wes tries drugs and starts dealing them
wes becomes a father for the 1st out of 4 times
shoots a man
Goes to Job corps
gets carpentry skills
starts drugs again
robs a jewelry store and kills a police man
Sentenced for life in prison
James Thomas
Mary Moore
Aunt Nicey
6 Other Kids

The Other Wes Moore is an inspirational story written by Wes Moore. It tells the story of two boys who had similar backgrounds growing up and coincidentally shared the same name, Wes Moore. The book flips back and forth between the two boys' stories so it makes it difficult to keep track of which story is being told. For clarification purposes we call the Wes who wrote the book Wes 1. And we call the other Wes 2.
Red Line- Wes 1
Green Line- Wes 2
The Other Wes Moore illustrates a very important lesson: Your choices affect your future and sometimes there is no second chances. The book was written to inspire both young and old people alike to take an active role in their own and their children's future. There are lots of things that can make life harder for you because life isn't fair. It is up to the individual to decide to work for a better life for themselves and to make themselves a future because it is not often that your ideal life comes knocking. Sometimes you have to go and find it.
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