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The Secret Garden

No description

Divya Patibandla

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden
Book by: Frances Hodgson Burnett
Presentation by: Divya Patibandla

Character: Mary
Character: Mary
The mood at the beginning of the story was very mysterious when Mary learned about the secret garden. As the story progressed, excitement was building when Mary unlocked the hidden door to the garden and became physically and mentally stronger.
Mood: Beginning
This instrumental song demonstrates the mood several ways. It is very mysterious and intriguing as is the plot which captivates the reader. Mary is full of curiosity and eager to open the secret garden which has been locked up for ten years. When Mary is about to open the secret garden door, the book states, ''Mary's heart began to thump and her hands to shake a little in her delight and excitement''(75). Inquisitively she thought to herself, ''She wondered what it would look like and whether there were any flowers still alive in it''(39).
Believe in yourself
The song ''Believe in me'' by Demi Lovato demonstrates the theme.
The song ''Feel Again'' by One Republic represents how Mary has changed throughout the novel.
This picture represents Mary in the garden.
At the beginning of this novel Mary was a weak, spoiled child who was without a doubt the most disagreeable looking. When Mary began to get fresh air outdoors from the garden, she started to become a stronger and healthier girl. She began to ''feel again''. Towards the end of the book, Mrs. Medlock says, ''The glummest, ill-natured little thing she used to be...''(232). One of the repetitive lines in this song is, ''I was a lonely soul but that's the old me''. This shows exactly how Mary has changed from being a lonely, spoiled brat to a caring, compassionate little girl. In addition, the line, ''Heart still beating but it's not working'' also represents that Mary was living but did not have any feelings. This song demonstrates the change in her personality from the beginning as a shy weakling to a vibrant, energetic girl.
Theme: Middle
Mood: Middle
The mood in the middle of the book is both mysterious and exciting. Mary excitingly discovers a boy named Colin, who is her cousin behind one of the hundreds of doors in the mysterious Misselthwaite Manor. The book states,''She had been lying awake turning from side to side for about an hour, when suddenly something made her sit up in bed...''(116). Mary got up and followed the sound of crying as her ears lead her to a big room. She opened the door,''...and on the bed was lying a boy, crying pitifully''(117).
Mood: End
Towards the end of the novel, the mood is definitely excitement. For example, at the pivotal moment Colin finds out that he can stand and walk. He exclaims,''Look at me!...just look at me-you! Just look at me!''(202). Ben the gardener asks,''...tha' hasn't got crooked legs?...''(201). Ben's rude remarks ignite Colin's anger and fuels him to want to stand up and prove him wrong. The book states,''...the thin legs were out, the thin feet were on the grass. Colin was standing upright...''(202). This was an exciting moment because Colin along with everyone else always assumed that he could not stand. Colin's acheivement marked a turning point in his life.

Song choice:
Theme: Beginning
In the song, the lyrics,''I need to change my ways instead of always being weak'' exemplifies how Mary transforms. She goes from,''...a little thin face and a little thin body...''(11) to ''downright pretty since she's filled out and lost her ugly little sour look''(232).
Theme: End
The line in this song,''I guess I always knew that I had all the strength to make it through'' describes Colin. Colin goes from,''No one believes I shall live to grow up''(121) to ''Everyone thought I was going to die...I'm not!''(204). Colin is confident in himself for the first time standing tall and straight. He defiantly states,''Am I a hunchback? Have I got crooked legs?''(204). With the help of the garden, Colin miraculously overcomes the illness he never had.
At first, Colin didn't even know he was able to stand up. At the very end, because he believes in himself, he dreams of becoming an athlete and running races. He tells his father,''...I can beat Mary in a race. I'm going to be an athlete''(262). In the song, Demi Lovato says,''cause everyone's perfect in unusual ways you see''. This statement demonstrates that with faith in yourself you can accomplish anything you desire.
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