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Dove - Final Presentation

Group 15 - Dove

Sandra Lee

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Dove - Final Presentation

SWOT STP Marketing Mix Price Promotion Product Place Questions? magazines, television advertisements, billboards
reinforce strategy - campaign for real beauty
use of real women of 50+ years Criticisms of Promotion unconventional method of promoting Pro-Age - use of older, nude models
some advertisements were banned due to inappropriateness Recommendations provide samples to prospective consumers in target market, coupons in magazines
more conventional advertising
build on brand loyalty inexpensive relative to competition
pricing strategy is sales-oriented and competitor oriented Thoughts on Price sales and competitor oriented is an effective strategy
cheap and convenient - high volume of sales
characterized by monopolistic competition - important to differentiate Recommendations keep the pricing strategy
should keep prices similar to competitors
Line extension of Campaign for Real Beauty
Relatively new product, but recently discontinued
However, strong brand loyalty through prolonged use of other Dove products gives light to desire to bring back the line Criticisms of Product No effective anti-aging ingredients in products or proof of products being effective against wrinkles
Target audience was not aware of the products' promise Recommendations Countless reviews acknowledge product criticism as well as discontinuation, however many users want product reinstated
Dove should consider our SWOT analysis of the line and bring the product back into production with a more concise product message not intensively distributed - cannot be found at Walmart, Superstore, Safeway, etc. Criticisms of Place Recommendations should develop an intensive distribution strategy
ensure good shelf space
sell products online for consumer convenience Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats strong brand image
high degree of brand loyalty among consumers expansion of products may confuse consumers
dependence on retailers to distribute products to consumers emphasis on environmentally friendly products - sustainable packaging, partnering with other companies to reduce fuel emissions
differentiation through emphasis on promoting self-esteem and body image input costs are rising (vegetable oil, tea and milk)
high levels of competition Segmentation Targeting target segment - older women
psychographic segmentation - creation of positive self-image, self-respect
behavioural segmentation through brand loyalty advertisements feature real women with imperfections
products have "special ingredients" to help renew hair and skin Positioning Positioning Statement: For mothers and mature women, Dove Pro Age is a beauty care line, which focuses primarily on renewing and reviving your skin and hair, so you can feel your best no matter what age you are.
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