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Amazing Race Project

By: Jacob Rivera and Owen Wilson

Jacob Rivera

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Amazing Race Project

The Amazing Race By: Jacob Rivera & Owen Wilson New York City, New York The Amazing Race will start in New York. Teams will race to the JFK airport and Fly to Flagstaff, Arizona. Flagstaff, Arizona Teams will receive a driver to take them to the Grand Canyon where they will white water raft down to a location where they will be escorted to a Indian Tribe. The Chief will give them the next clue to their next location. The Bahamas Teams will be taken to Nassau Scuba Diving. Teams must scuba dive down and retrieve 5 flags and then swim to their boats to complete this challenge. Panama Teams must choose between a driver or drive themselves to Panama Viejo. There teams will have to find 7 different artifacts to win the challenge. Rio De Janerio, Brazil Teams will run up the stairs to the Christ the Redeemer Statue to complete this challenge. Johannesburg, South Africa Teams will stay at a hotel where they will eat some of South Africa's traditional and most bizarre foods. The team that finishes their foods first will win this challenge. Madagascar In this challenge, teams will be taken to remote village where they will recieve dance instuctor on the traditonal Tromba dance. At the end of the day teams will compete by performing the Tromba dance. The villagers will decide who id the winner. Paris, France In this challenge, teams will use their historical and cultural knowledge of Paris, France to answer a series of trivia questions. Istanbul, Turkey For this challenge teams will swim a 300m race in the black sea. The first team to finish wins. Beijing, China Teams will race to the starting line on Great Wall of China. Once they arrive they will immediately start runnign there 3 mile race to the finish line. Sydney, Australia Teams will be given a opera instructor and will learn a opera song and perform it at the Sydney Opera House. The audience will choose the winner. Honolulu, Hawaii Teams will race from their hotel to a local luau by foot. At the luau there will be a hidden Jet ski and Scuba gear in the luau. Once the teams find their gear they will race by jet ski to a area where the teams will scuba dive down to retrieve 3 well hidden flags. Once all flags have been retrieved, teams will race back to the luau where they will complete a puzzle. The first done will be the winner of The Amazing Race. The End
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