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FY17 Journey

No description

Oscar Perez

on 20 March 2017

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Transcript of FY17 Journey

Site enhancements - Phases 2 and 3
Career Development
2 symposium
12 topics cover
100 people trained
20 hours
20 Trainers
Connection with the community

Rebates transition 16 entities to GBS

New Additions
Internal Audit
The best is yet to come
Our Journey continues
Welcome to Dukur
65 employees took online courses
19 out of 21 KPIs are better
than they were 1 year ago

As of February 14 KPIS are
hitting target

Reporting Capabilities
9 new dashboard created
Reduction of 20% Overdue balances over 30 days

52% Reduction on
unapplied payments
1st 2 win workshop
64 Internal Movements
6 Lateral Movements
3 Guest Auditor Participants
30 mentees

FY17 Career Movements
10 mentors

BBSR reconciliation improvement
Zdummy clean up
98% balances
Migrated 300 balance sheet reconciliations
Closure of 300 projects
Clean up of Incorrect Inventory Balances

Migration Completed
42 Countries
51 Entities
Reclassified: 2.8K
Reduction: 7.5k
Indirect Vendors  16,817 to 9,327
Supports 24 countries
around 4 regions
395 periodical filings/obligations
158 annual filings/obligations.
Tax Transition 79%
21570 tickets
95.39% SLA
Service Delivery
Regional Support
Client Relationship
Blood Donation activities
70 Participants
66,000 stirrers
saved through No
straws pledge
Christmas Party for School25 Bacardi participants
No one knows what change, Big or Small, lies ahead. One thing is certain, our journey's not over. Together we are strong
25 new team members in
Ucrania, Rusia, Andorra, Francia, Espana & Italia
Payroll migration to ADP and SSC
Time off and Time Tracking implementation
Transition to GBS

Global SOX
96% participation in EES
160 Recognitions 46 Awards through R&R program
Women in leadership
roles above 40%
WIL CR team
launched in
November 2016
Key Iniatives
Mixology Workshop
Dress for Success
Leadership Panel
11 training Sessions
85 people trained

110 people trained
9 trainings
78 people cross Trained
48 improvement ideas
X- Training
Work life fit
And we celebrated..
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