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The Confederacy Has The "Winning Hand"

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Emma Stange

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of The Confederacy Has The "Winning Hand"

On average, the Confederacy commanders were a few years older than the Union commanders, giving them a one-up on them. The Confederacy commanders had more experience and wisdom without being too much older and weaker than the Union.
Strength #3
The Confederacy commanders had more graduates from West Point Academy. This gives them an advantage because they have strategic background knowledge and education.
Strength #1
The Confederacy commanders also performed better than the Union commanders. They were all in the top 20 class rank, if not the top 10. This means the Confederacy commanders knew what they were doing and were good at it. They also had more military experience.
Strength #2
However, the Confederacy had a smaller militia than the Union.
The Confederacy's goal was to protect their individual rights and the right to self-govern.
CSA Goal
Through a military perspective, the Confederacy should win because they are simply defending their rights and the land that they already control. They also have more experience and knowledge. Due to their backgrounds, the commanders knew what they were getting into and what to expect.
Who Will Win?
The Confederacy Has The "Winning Hand"
By: Emma, Remi,
Rissa, and Jordan
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