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Risk Management in Daily Life

RMI, Econ 09

Kristian Sun

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Risk Management in Daily Life

Risk Management in Daily Life food poisoning! 2 carats
wedding ring! Lin Shanjun
Liu Guanyin
Liu Yuan
Sun Ying
Tan Junqiang
Wang Yanan 04/26/2010 Van Cleef's
Earrings! Scene I:
Information Risk Management This is the office of PKU insurance company.

Mr. Tan is the manager of IT department.

But he is worrying that his department has leaked the information of customers and his boss... Scene II:
Workplace Risk Management Most people spend a third of their adult lives at work.

The career brings you wealth and honor, but don’t forget risk is everywhere.
The quickly developing era of the new economy makes you unable to afford your work load.
You are a qualified staff, but the stupid financial crisis breaks out.
At last you are fired...
Massive tasks almost drive you crazy.
Bad interpersonal relationship makes you often offend someone even though you are very careful.
Scene I:
Information Risk Management Scene II:
Workplace Risk Management It is the best age, and it is the worst age. You can share glory time with the world, but your privacy may be also invaded by strangers.

In this internet world, we need to build up a strong sense of information protection.
The software which we call it risk-terminator can help you reduce the workplace risk and achieve success in your career!
Risk is ubiquitous.

If you don’t take precautions to reduce small risks, you will face a serious risk.
Scene III:
Risks in Daily Life Scene III:
Risks in Daily Life Ms. Lewinsky Happy life is a fragile thing. All you need to ruin it is just one little risk.

Those people who never realised this can live pleasently and blindly.

But once you are convinced of it, you will do whatever you can to protect your life. From the moment we wake up in the morning till our head hits the pillow at night our lives are filled with risks.

Most are easily solved and soon forgotten, but some are never found out untill it took your happy life away.

The world is dangerous. To make it safer, you should find out what the threaten is, and fight back. Community RiskBase
Only $250!
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