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H and C-MGWP

No description

AnnaBanana Ruby

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of H and C-MGWP

Horses and Carriages are a big part of fun for a lot of people! So even though something's fun it can be hard or hurtful, like towards the horses if you are riding on a horses if the horse isn't strong anough or when the the horse is too old, that is the same for horse buggys. So if the horse isn't strong enough for all the weight it's pulling or the horse is too old for being like a pack mule. The way horses are killed a year even more then bigh to lod or young for the job is when horses get spooked and you'll hear more about that in the voki I made. Dear Barack Obama,

Please say as a law no carriage horses anywhere busy such as New York. I think this should be a law because the horse could get hurt or the people/person riding in the carriage could get hurt too. The people could get hurt if the horse was too old or not strong enough to carry a lot of weight, then maybe the carriage would get tipped over or the horse would fall and the carriage would fall on top of the horse. So I think that you should change the law to help your people and all the horses that were here in the U.S. before us. So please change the law and I know that your daughters would like that you changed that law so horses don't die.-Sincerely, Anna Verduci, 5th grade, Edina, MN, Countryside

(I actulally sent this to the president.)
Please go to this website! http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=3553180&height=267&width=200
My lettter to the President So if you want to ride a horse carriage don't ride one in the city. Love horses tell your friends not to ride horse carriages in the citys and take care of horses the way you want to be treated, because if you don't then the horse is going to be really mean to you. Horses and Carriages
By: Anna Verduci #22 Teaching you about Horses and Carriages Learning more
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