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Internet Safety

I'm scared of going online on internet these days, so I made some research on how to be safe :P

Mook Borirakpanich

on 30 August 2010

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Transcript of Internet Safety

Internet Safety! :D Ways to be Safe :D 1. Please don't give your passwords with anyone else. 2. Ask your permission from your parents before giving your information about yourself on the internet. 3. Before going to any chat rooms, have an adult next to you to make sure that those chat rooms are appropriate for you guys or not because they're loads of different people in the chat room and you also don't know them. 4. If you see something one the internet that doesn't make you feel comfortable then close the site, and tell your parent or teacher right away. 5. Never give out your pictures, phone numbers, or your emails to strangers online. 6. If you receive offensive, harrasing email, or threatens, don't respond it. Tell your parents or other adult right away. 7. Please don't or never give out your address on the Internet. 8. Never give out your credit card number (or others)! 9. Don't open any files or emails from strangers because maybe those files might be computer virus or offensive material. 10. Use your fake names to strangers online. Pictures About the Internet Cyber Crime - - Cyber crime, is any crimes happening in a computer . Cyber crime that is most used is such as hacking! Harassment: offensive or comments about their gender, religion, and etc. Drug Traffickers: Drug traffickers are increasingly taking advantage of the Internet to sell their illegal substances through encrypted e-mail and other Internet Technology. Obscene or offensive content: The content of websites and other electronic communications may be distasteful, obscene or offensive for a variety of reasons. In some instances these communications may be illegal.
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