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Christianity and Judaism

The Five Questions and Answers:

drea de guzman

on 21 October 2009

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Transcript of Christianity and Judaism

Christianity and Judaism How did Christianity Begin and where are most of the events recorded on? Christianity started about 2000 years ago in Judea, a place that is now known as Isreal, with Jesus Christ and his faithful group of disciples. Most of the faithful Christian events are recorded in the Bible in the Old and New testaments. What are the major principles of Christianity? The major principles of Christianity are:
Humility, faith, and trust in God
Communication with God through prayer
Following the religion law, also known as the 10 commandments
How did Judaism begin? The start of Judaism began as the first monotheistic religion. Its foundation lies on the original covenant (agreement) between Abraham and God. Abraham had to leave his home and had to travel to Cannan (now Palestine and Ireal) because God promised to give the land to his descendents. 450 years later, after the Exodus, God gave the Jewish people the 10 commandments (contained in the Torah) and it was officially marked as the beginning or Judaism as a structured religion. What are some key beliefs? Some key beliefs are:
Believe in the one living God
Believe the central text is the Torah
Believe there is no insticntive evil

How is Christianity and Judaism related? Christianity and Judaism relate to each other because almost all of the members in the earliest Christian churches were all Jews. Both believed in one God. They also share the Old Testament. What's Christianity? Christianity is the Christian religion founded on the teachings of Jesus. What is Judaism? Judaism is the monotheistic religion to Jewish people, tracing its origins to Abraham
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