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Jesse Owens vs. Master Race

No description

Nimisha Ajaikumar

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Jesse Owens vs. Master Race

Jesse Owens vs. Master Race
The Nazis considered themselves to be the Master Race.
They wanted their own athletes to win the competitions and present their fanatical policies before the 52 other countries that wished to participate.
Many countries felt that they should boycott the Olympics.
The Nazis blamed the Jews for all the disasters that happened to their country and considered the Blacks to be sub-human.
Jesse Owens
Jesse Owens' coach warned him about the racial discrimination in Germany.
But most of the people were actually his big fans when he got off the Manhattan Ocean Liner.
He was tall, handsome, modest and had a boyish charm which made him very likeable.
He won four medals in the Olympics:
4 x 100
Long jump - 8.03 m
100 meters - 10.3 sec
200 meters - 20.7 sec
During the Long Jump, Owens was unsuccessful at the first three preliminary jumps but after consolation from Lutz Long, he managed to succeed.
Lutz's blonde and good looks were the epitome of the German policies.
They met again in the Olympic Village, and talked all through the night.
Pierre de Coubertin, had told all the participants that it is important to participate and not win, it is to struggle in life, not conquer.
Adolf Hitler was furious when Owens mocked him through his achievements. He wished to see the Germans lead in the Olympics and hence he even refused to be photographed with Owens.

Present Situation
The Berlin Olympics were being conducted in 1936.
There were Swastika flags on the doors and windows of almost every shop or house on the streets.
The country was ruled by the Nazi Party.
The whole world was in chaos.
Brazil was politically divided and hence sent two teams.
Italy had just conquered Ethiopia
Unemployment had plagued Europe and America.
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