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The Dead Poet's Society ~ Characters

No description

Serra Perry

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of The Dead Poet's Society ~ Characters

The Dead Poet's Society ~ Characters
John Keating (a.k.a. Mr. Keating)
Knox Overstreet
Neil Perry
Static, Round Character
Neil Perry
English teacher at Welton Academy
Flat, Dynamic character

Character Development

The first turning point in the characters development occurs when Mr. Keating makes Todd recite a written poem in front of the class.
-This allows him to finally express what he feels and speak his mind.
- As well, this allows him to start to break out of his shell.

The most pivotal point in the character’s development is when Todd is the first person to stand up for Mr. Keating by defying the principle, standing on his desk, and reciting the words, “O Captain, my Captain.”
-This shows that he no longer follows what everybody else says, but that he knows what he believes in and is willing to stand up for it.

Todd Anderson

Character Development

Throughout the movie, he shows no development from the beginning, as he was always very tentative in breaking the rules.
-This is shown when he is tentative in ripping the books and deciding on whether to join the Dead Poets Society.
This continues throughout the movie, as even towards the end of the film, he is the first to selfishly accuse Mr. Keating of encouraging Neil to commit suicide just to cover up for his participation in the Dead Poets Society.
He even chose to stay seated when the boys chose to stand on their desks and stand up for Mr. Keating, thus showing no character development.

Richard Cameron
By Serra Perry, Arielle Reynoso, Miguel Rincon, William Aguilera, and Simran Bains
Mr. Keating
Charlie Dalton A.K.A. Nwunda
Charlie is one of the main characters in Dead Poets society

He attends Welton Academy

Charlie is a static character

He is also a round character because he is fully developed

He is also a protagonist
Flat, Static Character

Cameron is an ambitious student who completely conforms with both the school and his parents expectations.
He is willing to betray his friends in order to further his own interests.
Round, Dynamic Character

In the beginning of the film, we see that Todd’s fear is his inability to speak up for himself.
-He is very shy and timid, but he is as well filled with compassion for others as he takes Neil’s death the hardest, and he stands up for Mr. Keating when no one else would.

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Knox Overstreet
Round, Static character
Mr. Perry
Father of Neil Perry
Wanted Neil to do what he could not
Flat/static character
A smart, talented, and outgoing individual.
Was an actor who had a passion for acting.
Round because of personality and conflicted
- Humor: Todd's Desk Set
- Submissiveness: Father
- Defiance: Not telling father about the play
Played a role in bringing Todd out of his shell
Character Development
Throughout the film, Neil does not change. He remains submissive, reserved, and silently conflicted. - At the beginning of the movie, we see Neil's submissiveness in the first scene with his father.
As the story goes on, there continues to be instances in which we see Neil's different traits. - We see how conflicted he is when he speaks with Mr.Keating.
He commits suicide, but that does not mean that he experienced any significant changes in his personality. He didn't transform.
Did it because it was the only thing he could control. Can see it as resolved or unresolved.
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