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Saint John of God

No description

Madison Lambert

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Saint John of God

Saint John of God
The Beginning
Saint John of Gods story really starts in 1503, John's parents both pasted away and he was working as a shepherd in Spain. He felt forced to ask for someones hand in marriage. He did not want that and so he joined the Spanish army. He was captured by the French and held prisoner. When finally released he
rejoined the army.
Bad Change
Demonstration of Learning
By: Madison Lambert
The Facts
Born: March 8th 1495 Montemor-O-Nevo, Évora, Portugal.
Died: March 8th 1550 Granada, Spain.
Age 55.
Birth name: João Duarte Cidade
Changed name: John of God
Changing his mind
But he was unsure of his life's path, and his choices. Hoping to find himself in God he quit the army and went to Africa so he could help the poorest of Gods poor, he had many grand ideas and expected to be a martyr that way.
For three years he worked
but to no avail, he promptly
returned to Spain once he saw
he was not martyr. But he did
not give up instead he opened
a bookstore for holy books
and religious pictures.
But John was tried of his simple although
popular life, yet did nothing to change it. Until he heard the words of a famous preacher he turned his life around. But not exactly for the better. He acted quite like the pharisees of Jesus' time showing of his faith by yelling for everyone to hear and only doing public acts of penance and finally

Real Help
People believing he was insane locked him
up in a hospital, from his time there he learned what God's people really needed. Someone to care for them when no one else would. Once he was let out he gathered together people in need that he saw on the streets and gave them a house so that he could care for them. He continued with his 'hospital' making it bigger by begging and the help of some
local Bishops.
His Legacy
ended up being
labled insane
He inspired two aspects of the modern hospital, every patient getting their own bed and different illnesses and injuries being treated in different sections or 'wards'.
Canonized: October 16th 1690
By: Pope Alexander VIII.
Celebrated: March 8th, his birth and death date.
Patron saint of: Booksellers, hospitals, nurses, the mentally ill and the dying.
Saint John of God challenges me to remember that the world does not need to witness me helping anyone or need me telling extravagant stories of what I have done. He showed me that helping people should not be grand or give me any reward other than seeing people happy and helped. He challenges me to put my time, energy and resources to helping people instead of greedy personal gain.
Goals inspired/modeled after St.John of God:
At least once a week help someone without being asked or telling anyone
Show you care for people close to you in any way three times a week
Do your best to see value in everyone
See past the mistakes of yours and others pasts and love all equally
Learn from your mistakes and change for the better

When I first learned about saint John of
God I simply though he was interesting. I carried that interest without inspiration for a few months until I met a girl at summer camp. One day we were talking about family and she told me about how she was kicked out by her parents and how a friend and their mom took her in. She was happy until she realized how they paraded her around was for no reason but get attention. It made her feel like dirt and eventually she left. I think I really got some perspective on how we need to treat people and why giving without bragging is important. This did not happen to me but she to this day is a close friend of mine and thanks to her I always feel accepted and important, and see
why that is something everyone deserves.
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