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Catherines: Social Media Plan

No description

Leigh Tobiasen

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of Catherines: Social Media Plan

"Social media is about the people. Not about your business. Provide for the people, and the people will provide for you."
"Forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content."
What is Social Media?
Social Media Mentors: @WhoWhatWear
Catherines: Social Media Plan
Michael Ciarrocchi Brittany Kuhl Alyssa Maiale Leigh Tobiasen Alison Wallace
Social Media Mentors: @Nordstrom
Social Media Mentors: @Starbucks
- Matt Goulart, Founder of Ignite Digital Inc.
- Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Social Media Mentors: @AnnTaylor
Pins at random
Lifestyle pins including recipes, quotes, style tips, trends, Catherines collections, home decor, National Diabetes Month
Wants: lifestyle inspiration, new ideas
Posts 2-3 times per day
Posts: sales, promotions, interactive statuses, Style of the Week, Motivation Monday, customer photos
Wants: community, to join the conversation, positive reinforcement and feedback
Same posts as Facebook
Formatted to Twitter's 140 character maximum
Wants: exclusive information, brand engagement
Posts weekly
Motivation Monday, holiday greetings, Catherines merchandise, sales, Throwback Thursday, features blogger @wonderandwhimsey, "Spotted in Home Office"
Wants: to photo share
80% of social media users prefer to connect with brands via social media, rather than the company website.
- Innovative Marketing Resources Study
Manage Her Social Media
Create Her Wish List
Manage Her Catherines Account
Contact Customer Service
Catalog Tab
Tag each item with links to purchase
Consult Her Style Expert
"Market in the year we live in."
In-Store Signage
Share With A Friend Promotion
Promotional Sharing
Share Catherines status for discount
Brand our page
Cross-Promotional Sharing
Like us on Facebook to receive discount
Gain More Followers
Hit 1,000 - give out Perks Cards to 50 followers selected at random
Style Expert Boards
Real questions from customers
Exclusive Sneak Peeks
Followers can view next season's collections early
Exclusive Content
Behind the scenes posts
Increase Follower Engagement
Vote on favorite looks
Promo code for first commenters
Sign Up With E-Mail
Have purchase links sent to follower's inbox
In-Store Associate Promotion
Social Media Defined
Catherines Current Practices
Social Media Mentors
Social Media Recommendations
Our Inspiration
Innovative Recommendation
Win This Wardrobe!
First 10 fans to tag themselves receive featured items
- Gary Vaynerchuk
Upcoming Trends
Color and fashion mood boards
Social Media Recommendations
Innovative Recommendation
Promoting the App
Social network and microblog
550 million registered users
140-character "tweets"
Real-time news
Contribute to trending topics with hashtags (#)
Has been called a "visual discovery tool"
20 million monthly active users
Users can upload, save, sort and manage images ("pins")
Can be organized by theme or interest ("boards")
Photo and video sharing social networking app for smartphones
150 million monthly active users
Users can apply digital filters and effects
Can upload to Instagram and other social networking sites
Most popular social networking site
1.15 billion users
Connect with friends
"Like" your favorite brands
Financing the App
Catherines Current Practices
Social Media Defined
Key Points of Information
Tablet Statistics
Conversion rate for Fiscal 2014: 2.8%
51% increase in visits to LY
Fiscal 2014 visits accounted for 16.7% of total ecommerce visits
Mobile Statistics
Conversion rate for Fiscal 2014: 0.8%
57% increase in visits to LY
Fiscal 2014 visits accounted for 18.3% of total ecommerce visits
Social Media Plan
My Catherines App
Prototype Features
Social Media Mentors
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