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What Is Wisdom

No description


on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of What Is Wisdom

What Is Wisdom?
By Peter.
"Be strong not rude be kind not weak..
Way's to becoming wise.

What Is Wisdom?
The definition of Wisdom is "The quality of having experience and knowledge." Wisdom can help you body in many ways.
Reaching A Goal..
Once you know you accomplished something you should be proud every goal you accomplish makes you better at being wise and in your life..
How Can Wisdom Help Your Body?
If you think your wise And Know wisdom you should know soon that it helps your body think more and have more knowledge about choosing the right decisions in the right times.
Origin of Wisdom..
The origin of "Wisdom" is "Old English" in Danish it is visdom and klogskab, the Czech language of "Wisdom" means moudrost and rozumnost..
An Important Thing About Wisdom.
Something important about wisdom is that it is ok to be down in the pit including the learning line you know you are stuck but you never give up..
Can Anyone Be Wise?
Yes anyone in the World can be wise choosing the right decisions in some cases is something wise. Wisdom is an important thing but not everyone knows it.
Is Wisdom Related To The Learning Line?
Yes, doing a mistake gets you one step closer to being more wise and choosing right decisions in the right times.
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