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Justin Bieber Personality

No description

sammie lombardi

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Justin Bieber Personality

Justin Bieber's Personality
Psychoanalytic Theory
Karen Horney's Theory
3 neurotic types: compliant, aggressive, withdrawn
Justin falls under the withdrawn neurotic type
very self-sufficient and independent
need for perfection
strives for personal achievement
Justin could have developed this withdrawn
type because he always had to do things
for himself when he was younger due to his
mom not being around much.
Big 5 Traits
Maslow's Humanistic Hierarchy of Needs
I think that Justin is one of the few people in the world fixated at the highest level of the pyramid, which is self-actualization. Justin is one of the youngest people in the music industry and has completed more than the majority of his older competitors have. Justin is perfectly fine with who he is and lets everyone know that. His crazy acts may not please others, but it pleases him and thats all that matters. He has accepted the fact that this is his life now and he is ready to move one with it
Justin Bieber Personality Case Study
Early Childhood
Born on March 1, 1994
Grew up in Stratford, Ontario
2 best friends named Ryan and Chaz
lived off government money in low income housing
Family History
Mom - Pattie Mallette
Grew up around a lot of domestic violence
Was sexually abused from the age of 5
Dad was an alcoholic who died when she was a teenager
Experimented with a lot of drugs
Left home at 16 and lived off of petty theft and drug dealing
Attempted suicide at 17
Became pregnant at 17 and moved into a home for unwed mothers
Dad - Jeremy Bieber
Also grew up around a lot of violence
Committed a lot of petty crimes when he was a teenager
Never married Pattie
Wasnt around much due to his job as a construction worker
Still tried to be in Justin's life as much as possible
Married Erin Wagner and had 2 kids, Jazmyn and Jaxon
Started out posting videos on Youtube
Discovered in 2008 by Scooter Braun
November 2009 he released his first CD, My World
March 2010 he released his second CD, My World 2.0
Justin's first headlining tour lasted from June 2010 until October 2011
February 2011, his movie Never Say Never was released
November 2011, his Christmas CD, Under the Mistletoe, was released
June 2012, he released his third CD, Believe
Justin's second headlining tour lasted from September 2012 until December 2013
Starting in October of 2013, he released a new song every Monday for 10 weeks
Latest album, Journals was released December 2013
Justin's second movie, Believe 3D, was released on Christmas Day 2013
by: Sammie Lombardi
period 2
dated in 2007 before Justin was discovered
Caitlin Beadles
dated from 2008 until 2009
broke up when Justin had to start traveling for his job
Kristen Rodeheaver
Kristen was one of Justin's music video girls
Lasted for about a month
Selena Gomez
dated from November 2010 until November 2012
Barbara Palvin
dated for about a month in November/December 2012
Reason for Justin and Selena breakup
Selena Gomez
got back together in April 2013 until June 2013
both went "downhill" after the breakup
Justin slept with numerous prostitutes in October and November 2013
One of them videotaped Justin sleeping the next morning
Selena Gomez
(round 3)
Got back together at the very end of December 2013
this video shows how Justin is fine with who he is and the things he has accomplished and he just wants to be taken seriously in the music industry
Most Apparent - Extraversion
Always talking
Always hanging out with friends, doesnt like to be alone
Gets excited easily
People always say that you can tell when he is upset
This video shows hows how outgoing Justin is and that he likes being with friends and having fun
Least Apparent - Conscientiousness
As you can tell from justin's latest choices, Justin doesnt use his conscience much
Justin uses impulses a lot, if you get on his nerves, he will always tell you
shows bad impulse control
Justin doesnt think much about other people
egged someones house
peed on someones front lawn
Lives out of his suitcase most of the time because he is on tour and is usually said to be the messiest
I think that Horney's psychoanalytic approach is the best explanation for the reason why Justin is the way that he is
Horney says that the parenting style is what leads to these neuroticisms
Almost no father in his life
Mother figure was around, but always working
Grandparents were there only to provide basic needs, didnt show much warmth and affection
Justin supplies for himself, just like he has been doing since he was little
He strives to be the best for himself, not for anyone else
He will not release anything until it is perfect, showing the perfectionist side of him
Since he grew up in the spotlight and away from the comfort of home, he has become more independent than before
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