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Kamazon Network Upgrade

No description

keith king

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of Kamazon Network Upgrade

Kamazon.kom Network Upgrade
By: Adolfo, Carl, Christina, Keith, & Micheal

Executive Summary
Upgrading Kamazon.kom's LAN Connection.
Explanation of Costs In:

Kamazon Environment
Web Retailer
Needs the 5 Nines up Time Server
Constant Communication is a must.
Kamazon Requirements
All LAN access to be upgraded to 1Gbps

Logical Network Upgrade

Make sure 10% overage for future growth.
Project Assumptions
Greenfield Global Solutions having 24x7 Access to work site.
Kamazon Expected Growth of no more than 4% for 7 years
Equipment has a 7 to 10 year life span
First Floor may need external directional antennas
IEEE 801.11g standard to extend the maximum stream rate to 54Mbps.
Customer will sign up for yearly maintenance

Server Room Expectations
Equipment and Labor Estimates
We will be needing at least 1,790 feet of Cat6 wiring. they run about $250 per 1,000 feet. So the estimated cost will be $500
The average cost of an IT specialist is $38 an hour
The average cost of an Electrician specialist is $120 an hour
If they were to work for 30 days the cost would be...
The labor cost would be $23,280.00
2 wireless access points $2,140
1 cisco small business router $194
3 HP Managed 44 Port Ethernet switch 7701.00
The total estimated cost will be $47,500.00
Equipment List
IBM Ethernet Cards 10BASE-T x200
Enterasys 4 Port Network Interface Card
44 Port HP Managed Ethernet Switch x3
Cat 6 Cabling x1800FT
Cisco Aironet Wireless Access Point x 2

Questions, Comments Concerns?
Total Bid Price
After Labor Cost Equipment cost and Time cost we propose it will cost a Total of $47,500.00
Technical Overview
Greenfield Global Solutions plans to use the 1Gbps installed last year at Kamazon.kom
Greenfield Global Solutions appreciates the opportunity to partner with Kamazon.com and to be their preferred Network solutions provider.
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