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Wild Horses

No description

Amelia Neo

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Wild Horses

Wild Horses
by Amelia Neo, Jastinne Diaz, Brendan Cornish, & Ivy Thai

The short story takes place in present day however it the plot mainly consists of the narrator’s flashback set in the past.

“[His sisters] decided [he] was one of their horses when [he] was about four years old.” (29)
Setting (continued)
The story also takes place in a house as he describes his sisters’ torturing of his older brother in addition to his own suffering.

“They were herding him around the house on the end of a rope, pulling and pushing him from room to room.” (29)
Social Circumstances
“They loved horses so much...my sisters thought I was one of them.” (27)

This demonstrates that they were undisciplined and demeaned him as lower than the rank of a human in comparison to an animal.
``Wild Horses`` by Brian Fawcett seeks out the universal idea that a lifestyle surrounded by undisciplined siblings results in emotional trauma & confusion.
The Internal Struggle

To begin our main character is accepting of his life up until the age of four when he finally realizes that he's being treated like a horse by his sisters when he's actually a human, "they decided that i was one of their horses when I was about four, or at least that's when I realized it" (29)

He then becomes frustrated with the way he's being treated as he sees his brother break away from his sisters grasp and rebel against the people who have treated him so poorly."Pulling him around room to room until he lost his temper"(29)

His struggle continues as he tries to get away from his sisters. He tries multiple different ways to leave there grasp and free himself from their control by pretending to be a hurt horse or a different animal all together. " I would meow, bark, cluck and moo like a cow"(30)

Internal struggle continued...

His mood suddenly changes to that of jealousy when his sisters leave him for the stallions that they have discovered, stallions represent the male gender in the story. They leave the brother and stop giving him the attention that he normally gets and now craves. "somewhere around 14 they discovered the stallions and the stallions discovered them, they would look at me as if to say your just a human child aren't you? how boring"

He comes to hate the stallions calling them "dull stupid beasts and the stallions where worse than the rest"(31) he hates that the stallions have taken his sisters attention away from him and onto themselves.

Finally, after the sisters have left him for good giving him plenty of time to think he comes to hate what they did to him and decides to not form anymore relationships with the people around him. He goes on to say that "no one will ever ride me"(31) implying that he will never again become so close and so dependent on other people because he was hurt by his sisters when they left.

"They decided I was one of their horses when
"They decided I was one of their horses when I was about four years old, or at least that was when I became aware of it." (29)
"I was tied up while they covered my legs and arms with bandages...until my mother came home...and tell me what awful things they would do to me if I squealed on them." (30)
"What saved me from them was...the presence of stallions." (30)
"...somewhere around the age of fourteen..." (31)
Social Circumstances continued...
It is evident that he also gives into his sisters and thinks of it as normal;

“They were the most normal sisters I ever knew. They hit me for no reason…and they made me the victim of a hundred childish medical experiments.” (27)
Narrator/main boy
: he is a dynamic character because he goes from hating the attention the sisters give him in the form of being a horse to suddenly being jealous that it was taken from him. He then comes to hate the stallions and decides to not form those strong of a relationships again. He is also the main character.
They are dynamic characters because they go from enjoying pretending that the brother is a horse to being bored with the boy as they discover the stallions later in their lives. There are also main characters along side with the boy.
: He is a static and secondary character who opposes his sisters and breaks free of them altering how the smallest brother sees the world.
: Secondary characters who are hardly mentioned, show no significant role in the children's lives. Static characters as well.
: Secondary static characters who are the cause for the sisters to leave and also the reason for part of the boys hate.

The text portrays an overall atmosphere of:


“They began to operate on [him]… I was tied up…and I had to stay in my stable until my mother came home.” (30)

Fear & Timidity

“[he] wasn’t going to be able to do what [his] brother did for the foreseeable future, so [he] learned to whimper.” (29)

Around this age, girls tend to start taking an interest in boys.
Sisters do not see their younger brother as a human but as a horse
The twin sisters control their brother, even if he tries to escape, the sisters threaten to do awful things to him if he tries to tell on them.
Initial Incident:
Birth of protagonist; is perceived as a horse upon conception.
Sisters look down on protagonist; constantly dehumanizing him.
Rising Action:
Older Brother of Protagonist rebels against sisters' treatment.
Sisters become interested in "other stallions".
Protagonist feels alone as the sisters forget about him.
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