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Dan Hasting

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of S307

Team 1's Database Dan Hasting
Jordan Jones
Jason Rohlman
Sean Sills
Ryan Webster April 22nd, 2010 - MS SQL 2005 vs. Microsoft Access
- Introduction to database creation
- Implementation to Books n Books
- Data security and backup/recovery
- Cost/benefit analysis
- User training and support
- Demo of database
Agenda MS SQL 2005 vs Microsoft Access - Multi-user vs single-user
- Added security/backup features
- SQL Server works better on a larger scale
Database Creation - Requirements Analysis
- Conceptual Design
- Logical Design
- Physical Design Implementation - User Interface
- Simplicity
- Data Management - Upper Management Training
- Restrict Controls
- Employee Training
- Expanded Access - Server Update
- Efficiency Audit Security/ Backup - Data Controls
- Data Storage
- Secure Server
- Off-Site Backup
Cost/Benefit Analysis Costs - Implementation Costs
- Server Costs
- Maintenance Costs
- Employee Training Benefits - Reliability
- Added Security
- Ease of use
- Data Advantages
- Sustainability User Training and Support - Executive Training
- Employee Training
- End User Simplicity
- Continued Technical Support
Questions? Interface Demo
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