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How To Make A Bomb Out of Household Items

No description

Ahmad Alifi

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of How To Make A Bomb Out of Household Items

How to Make a Pipe Bomb Out of Household Items

Gun Powder
Explosion Effective Pipe Bomb
Required Items
A section of metal pipes, 1/2 by 6 inches long.
Gun powders
Firecracker fuse.
Metal caps
Pipe Bomb
Presented By:
Ahmad Alifi Bin Borhan
Pc 93143
Muhammad Farhan bin Sukor
PC 93122
Muhammad Kamal Rizwan bin Mat Yusoff
PC 93127
Muhammad Zubair Sabri Bin Abdul Salam
PC 93144
Standard Pipe Bomb
What is a pipe bomb??
A pipe bomb is an improvised explosive device, a tightly sealed section of pipe filled with explosive materials.
Types Of Pipe Bombs
Timed Pipe Bomb
So what is gun powder exactly?
It is actually a dry explosive substance that is used in guns and to break open sections of rock or earth for mining, building roads, etc.
What are they made of?
Gun powders composition:
75% Potassium Nitrate
15% Charcoal
10% Sulfur
Webster, M. (2013). Definitions of gun powder. Retrieved November 15 2013, from http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/gunpowder

Prepare it yourself
There are two parts of preparing gun powders
Part 1/2 : Collecting the ingredients
1. Potassium Nitrate
Potassium Nitrate or saltpeter can be obtain by:
a) Looking up stump remover in the nearby stores. Stump removers are mainly potassium nitrate.
b) Buy it online.

2. Charcoals
Charcoals can be bought in stores. To prepare gun powder, we have to grind the charcoals.
3. Sulfur
Sulfur is available in most of the stores as insect repellant.
Part 2/2 : Mixing the ingredients
1. Finely grind the ingredients
Use a mortar and pastel to grind each ingredient into powders.
Warning: clean the mortar and pastel between the grinding of each ingredients to avoid pre-mature mixing which is bad for its composition.
2. Measure the right composition for each ingredients.
Getting the right composition is important in gun powder making in order for it burns effectively.
The percentage of the ingredients can be divided by calculating parts into mixture. (5 parts potassium nitrate, 1 part of charcoal and 2/3 parts of sulfur.
Part 2/2 : Mixing the ingredients
3. Mix the ingredients together
After the ingredients are prepared to its respective composition, they are placed in the mortar and pastel and ground for about 10 minutes or longer.
Warning: keep any source of ignition out of reach to avoid combustion or explosion once the mixtures are put together.
4. Add water into the compound
The burning effect of the gun powder can be improved by adding water during it was mixed. Continue mixing the gunpowder, adding water in small increments until the gunpowder is the texture of thick clay. Form it into a ball when we finished.
If the gun powder is mixed with water, we'll need to corn the gun powder, or break it up to small pieces. Run the gunpowder ball through a kitchen sieve to break it into small pieces, then let the pieces dry out on a piece of paper.
Practice cautions at all time during the procedure.
Part 2/2: Mixing the ingredient.
Part 2/2 : Mixing the Ingredient
5. Store the gun powder safely
The gun powder must be stored in a fireproof container to avoid unintended explosions.
It is suggested to store it in an unused paint can since it is fireproof and have thick walls.
Drill a 1/16th hole in the center of the pipe. This is easy with a good drill bit.
Screw a metal cap tightly on one end.
Fill the pipe to within 1/2 inch of the top with black powder.
Do not pack the powder.
Don't even tap the bottom of the pipe to make it settle. You want the powder loose. For maximum explosive effect, you need dry, fine powder sitting loose in a very rigid container.
Wipe off any powder that has gotten onto the top or threads of the pipe. Gently screw on the second cap. Hand tighten only.
Place a small piece of tape over the hole and go to your test site.
When you are at the test site;
Remove the tape and insert a two inch piece of black match fuse or a firecracker fuse into the hole.
Place the bomb behind a large rock or tree.
Using thread or string, lightly tie a 2 inch piece of sulfured wick to the end of the fuse.
Avoid letting the wick touch any objects. This might cause it to go out.
Light the wick and head for cover in a direction that keeps the rock or tree between you and the bomb at all times.
Get behind cover at least 50 yards away. You may not expect such a large explosion from such a small object. Be extra cautious until you have done this a time or two and it gets real what you are dealing with.
The pipe will be blown to pieces which will fly through the air likebullets. An accident could seriously wound or kill you.
This is not a big firecracker. It is more like a hand grenade. The size of the bomb can be increased by using a larger pipe and caps.
Explosion-effective Pipe Bomb
Sound-effective Pipe Bomb
How to handle Pipe Bomb and What Can it Do?
Pipe Bombs can also be made only sound effective where it makes loud noise without destroying the pipe itself.
To make a big noise without blowing up your pipe, cap one end only. Drill a 1/16 hole at the top of the threads at the capped end.
Put in about 3 to 4 rounded teaspoonful of powder.
Pack about 2 inches of wadding on top of the powder. Toilet paper or facial tissue is good for this. Pack it tight.
Open up a safety pin and stick it into the hole.
Work it around to loosen up the powder so a fuse can be inserted.
When this goes off, the recoil will be tremendous. You will loose your pipe unless you brace it securely against something.
The pipe can be reloaded and used again.
A fun trick is to mount the pipe pointing upward.
Drop a tin can over the open end and light the fuse.
The can will be blown high into the air.
Campbell's soup cans are great for this.

Gun Powder
Metal Pipe
Metal Cap
How do they look like?
Let us look at another type of
That's it,
Now you all can have some fun with pipe bombs by making one yourself.
We "The Bomberman" are not responsible for any injury, property damages, loss of body part, permanent damage, lawsuit or casualties caused by your act of making or possession of pipe bombs. Handle it with care. You can make a difference.
would like to say
Making bombs!!?
But believe us. This is going to be fun.
And don't blame us if you find yourself having fun making bombs!
Mdm. Nur Liyana Zakaria
These things are easy to obtain.
Just head to the nearest hardware store
and you can find them easily.
Now let us take a look at the items shall we.
well of course to make things explode you need some gun powder
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