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My Presentation is about how global warming affects us and how you can help.Give it a like :) And share this among the world!!!

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of GLOBAL WARMING

How can you help?
Recycle(so you don't make extra trash for land fills)
Don't waste energy
don't use lots of heating and air conditioning
Plant a tree
turn lights when your not using them
don't run water if your not using it

Deforestation is where humans cut down trees usually for urban uses like buildings or just use it for farming or for or use the wood for burning.The problem with this is that trees decompose carbon dioxide and releases clean air so that is a problem.
Why is it a problem?
by Amber Rockwood
Global warming, as you might know is a huge problem on earth and is mainly caused by humans and to much carbon dioxide& greenhouse gases being released in the atmosphere.
Global warming
Landfills are places where your
trash goes and gets set on fire and burned and with toxic gases too.
The gas is called methane also know as hydrocarbon and its also an explosive.
Self reflection and plan!
Now that I'm educated on global warming and I know more about how we need to act now before before it's to late and we cant save the planet.I will now make sure that i always turn off lights and make sure I'm not using more things that produce carbon and start using things that reduce carbon and I hope you will do the same.
global warming-facts.info/-tips/.html
When you drive gas powered car it releases
carbon dioxide(or green house gases) and as we know those are not good for our earth .It causes the green house effect which is making our earth hotter ,like a green house .
Carbon dioxide traps air in to things and at the rate we are putting carbon into our atmosphere its trapping in hot air.The hot air being trapped in is melting our ice caps and that is raising our sea levels and that could effect people who live close to the sea.
Use any of these URLs to get more
information on theses topics.

3.Driving cars that produce green house gases.
Drive less or drive smart

Remember when you drive your car you are releasing greenhouse gases so if you want to save this earth drive less or drive smart and choose a good car or use a different type of transportation.
Good luck being a super savior of our earth!!!

1.Deforestation problems
Deforestation is where people cut down trees, you know that and if we are going through global warming and that's where yucky gases go into the air if one of our only ways of fixing this is trees then we NEED to stop deforestation soon.
2.Landfill issues
Landfill gases are also green house gases too so landfills are big problems to because they go into the atmosphere fast and that's also a big problem with the green house effect
so that's another effect of global warming.
3.driving gasoline powered cars effect
When you drive a gasoline powered cars it produces carbon dioxide that also effects green house effect a lot.
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