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All about me

No description

Isaac Krueger

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of All about me

Pre school days
My pre-school days were amazing I went to a pre school and I met lots of new people. My teacher's name was Miss. Debbie. The school is not to far from this school. It was by shoppers drug mart in Elora. My favourite toy was my dinosaurs.

Krueger Coat of arms
All about me
My family is importent to me. My moms name is Joanne Walser, her grandpa was once the mayor of Elora his name was Hary. My dad is Greg Krueger he is supportive in my sports such as basketball, he loves to drive me to the early morning practice and then if im lucky a little treat to Tim Hortons. Evan is the youngest of the trupers all i can tell you is that he is annoying, like if your on a six hour drive and as soon as you leave the drive way he starts saying are we there yet x100 jessica is in grade nine she is relly smart and she loves horses. Brin she is the oldest out of the kids and if she is in a bad mood you will have bruises for a month .
and I don't know what is going to happen next.
Grade 7- This year my teacher is Mrs. Stevensen she is great and she does not give much homework. This year has started off great.
The Krueger side of my family -
My dads side!!!
The Walser side of my family- My moms side!!!

My favorite hobby is playing basketball. I'm interested in basketball because of my cousin Levi ,Levi shows me how to play and helps me improve and I love to play it. Another hobby I have is to work in my shop I like to cut out wood figures such as birds to use as decorations.

Pet Peeves
I don't have many pet peeves but it's sometimes disturbs me when someone chew with their mouth open .

I do not know what I wanted it when I go up and I have a long time ahead of me so I have a lot of time to decide what I want to do when I'm older.
My most memorable day would probably be on the August 1 long weekend every year my family goes up to my cottage in Wiarton and we goes water skiing that is one of the best days of the year I celebrate this day with my mom's entire family.

I Am Unique
My Favourite Things
If I could change the World
If I could change the world I would make sure that no kid in the world will have to walk six miles to get water and will have a good education.
Need Somebody yes I do
You Made Me Love
My Family
My famly made me love them because evry time I see them i'm excited to play tackle foot ball or wrestling or the occational ice cream cone at frosty freeze. That is what made me love them on the walser side of the famley on the krueger side i learn that a star exploded or how to get beat in chess and that is what made me love them all.
I am unique because I am that I am relaxed and laid-back and I am the only person in this world that is Isaac Victor Krueger you that might be another Isaac Victor Krueger in the world but that person is not me. I'm also unique because I can touch my nose with my tonge I have a freckle.  I have a freckle in between my two toes.

The Glory Of Isaac Krueger
Hello, my name is Isaac Victor Krueger. I received my middle name from my Dad's Dad, or my Grandpa.
I was born at the Groves Memoriel Hospital in Fergus
My birthday is on June 16 2001.
When I was born I wieghed 10.8 lbs
My hair colour was brown. My eye couler was brown.
I am the oldest boy but I have two older sisters I also have one younger brother.

My mom and dad give me food and water a roof over my head and a good family to live with the also take my family out for dinner on a special occasion they also take me to hockey and basketball I could not go there without them.
I need my Mom and my Dad. I need my mom and dad to get to places I need to go, they pay for my food ,and the bills. I don't need them for that i need them to love me and care for me and they do that with out trying.
Jk - My first teacher was Mrs. Guthero, I loved nap time.
Sk- My teacher Mrs. Waters and Mrs. Davy, my favourite time in SK was play time.
Grade 1- , I did not have many great moments but my teachers were really good they were Mrs. Newell and Mrs.McQueen.
Grade 2- My teacher was Mrs, Maclhenny our class wrote lots of stories. I enjoyed that. Connor and Michael were introduced to our school.
Grade 3- My teacher was Mrs. Hodgkiss this was the year we worked a lot on the first nations.

Grade 4 - My teacher was Mrs. Burt this year we learned about medieval times and our class went to medieval times in Toronto .
Grade 6- My teacher was Mrs. Newell I had my grade one teacher again. I played on the basket ball team for the school.

This Picture was taken on Brin and Jessica's Trip to Uganda in 2012
The End
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