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Industrial Design Studies

No description

Raymond Ng

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Industrial Design Studies

User Research
What we researched
What we found
What it means
What we researched
What we found out
What it means
Brand Analysis
What is mountaineering?
Rock Climbing

Walking/ Hiking


Hunt Statements
What is this environment like?

Do people eat in this sort of environment or

What type of physical activity is carried out?

Is there a need for a hot food device?

Mountains are sacred?
Temperature and Altitude
Physically Intensive

Altitude will have effects on the user

Truly global activity

'Sport for life'

Altitude will have effects on the equipment

Mountaineering is generally at high altitudes

It is dangerous

Mount Everest - 8800m above sea level

4% fatality rate

Temperatures fall the higher you go up

Hypothermia and altitude sickness

Coupled with physical strain
Judgement time

Mix of physical features

Rocky slopes and snow can be progressed by foot

In - depth interviews with regular climbers - gain insight into design requirements/potential problems
Members of the group with first hand experience were able to draw on their own personal experience.
"Gas stoves are usually preferred...because they are super lightweight and allow you to boil water extremely fast."
"A lot of the time you
want a hot meal or something substantial, but you generally just don't have the time or it's far too cold to stay still."
"There is nothing more motivating than a hot meal/drink."
"Cold food is nowhere near as nice and rewarding as warm food."
"When temperature is that cold at that altitude, slight warmth makes a huge difference."
"My only worry is the weight aspect. If it adds too much pack weight, or if it weighs more than conventional heaters, it wont be worth taking"
5 key design requirements to make the product viable:
5 design requirements mentioned must be followed

Must be an improvement on current alternatives

Definite desire in target market for a product such as this
SMART Automotive
So where does this leave us?
So how does this affect the user?
But what about the external factors?
How do we make it visually appealing?
Kai Saunders, Raymond Ng, Sam Hemming, Tom Braybrooke and Alex Shayle
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