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Job Search and LinkedIn Renee Burrell

No description

Diana Guardado

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Job Search and LinkedIn Renee Burrell

Presented by:
Renee Burrell
Career Services Center

Job Search and LinkedIn
Applying for Jobs
Work on your marketing tools
Cover letter
Interview skills
Elevator Pitch

Informational Interviewing - Guidelines
Research the company
Take the lead and ask thoughtful questions
Take notes
At the end, ask for recommended contacts
Write a thank you note and personalize
-Leave door open for future contact
-Again, make an impression!
Where do you look?
Career Events such as Career Fairs, Resume Collect, On-Campus Interviews
Internet: Research company websites / Job posting websites
(Indeed, Craigslist, & http://www.linkedin.com/studentjobs)
Employment agencies/recruiters
Networking 60-80%
Elevator Pitch
Quick, effective communication tool that could be delivered to a potential employer on a trip up an elevator ~ 30 second pitch
Researching Companies
Gleeson Library – Hard Copy and Online
Visit company websites
-Google, Yahoo
Visit research websites
-Join Groups (Dons Helping Dons)
-Follow Company
-Network with current and former employees
For more information
Meet with a counselor at the Career Services Center (UC 5th Floor)

Visit our website!

Visit our LinkedIn University page

Visit LinkedIn for more tips sheets & videos

• Please take time to complete evaluation

for your time this evening.
Wrap Up & Evaluation
LinkedIn and Networking
Well-prepared answer to the question: “Tell me a little bit about yourself”
-Who you are
-What you do
-Why you are the best, most unique, or talented
-What contributions are you looking to make
Elevator Pitch
Job Interviewing
by doing a videotaped mock interview through CSC or having a friend ask you sample questions
Develop Goal & Objective
Career Counseling
What Can I Do With this Major?
Review occupational Directories ->WetFeet
Informational Interview (see hand out!)
Gather information about what the opportunities are in a given industry or field
Informational Interviewing - Purpose
Remember to do these steps to get started!
1. Join Dons Careers
2. Job search agent
3. Build your profile on LinkedIn
4. Join Dons Helping Dons
5. Come to Career Services Center
What did you learn?
Get Job listings matching your criteria
emailed to you!
Resume & Cover Letter
Get reviewed by Career Counselor

Attend Workshops
Elevator Pitch Examples
My name is Jane Smith and I’m graduating in May from USF with a degree in nursing. My goal since childhood has been to be a nurse. Right now, I’m currently a part-time lab assistant at St. Mary's Hospital and I volunteer in their oncology unit as well. My eventual career goal is to work in pediatrics, preferably with cancer patients, but I’m open to other assignments as well, especially starting out. I’m ready to start!

Hi, my name is Tom Parker my classmates sometimes call me “The Excel Guru.” I’ll be receiving my degree in finance from USF this fall. My passion is helping companies measure, make and save money using my finance and accounting expertise. I have a great foundation and a special skill for complex problem solving and am looking for an employer who can appreciate the uniqueness of what I have to offer. I’m eager to find someplace where I can be challenged every day.

For more tip sheets :

Link to Alumni Tool:

1. Be an "All-Star" and complete your LinkedIn profile
2. Join Dons Helping Dons & USF Group (with 12,000+ members) plus other groups as well
3. Follow Companies
4. Find alumni and start networking / or interviewing
5. Stay active and keep connecting and updating
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